What Are We Doing

When we think of the big picture, the really big picture of the entire history of the cosmos, it brings to mind a question: What are we doing? Why are we so wrapped up in fear and doubt when by necessity the mathematical universe will do what it must? Why do we have a sense of urgency when instead a fuller life is enjoyed by savoring the moments?

Indeed, there is something noble in accepting that fact and not being defined by it. There is something noble in accepting pain and suffering and yet not complaining.

There is a truth about the mind that we are discovering through neuroscience. It is that things in the brain happen for understandable reasons, though it takes time and experiments to find them. A wise man once said that controlling you own mental environment is the most important thing you do. Indeed, in many cases you must accept the outer world as out of control.

And yet this is not a death sentence, because it was never in your control in the first place, no matter how much you demanded it. I do not think the struggle of urgency is helpful in the least. There’s a proverb, “Make speed, not haste.” In other worlds, the amount accomplished is more important than rushing through it.

I think no one can deny that fear and doubt of success in life impart no true value. Instead of widening our circle of influence, they tear down the foundations. Being aware of our own thoughts is what it means to be human, and I urge you to raise your awareness.

We must not be locked inside of fear of death or poverty or pain. Instead, we must love the world for its awesome nature.

We must let go of the desires of that make us scared of death and failure. Why? Because this will come when it comes, and fear or anger offers very low returns on investment.

Love however, emboldens us to notice the moments of joy and excitement that abound. It also teaches us the higher perspectives that allow us to tolerate the pain and rigors of daily life with a full heart rather than with struggles. Love is slow and kind. Love is not haste. Instead it gives us courage to live with our full beings rather than segmented and cut up with fear and doubt.

Love is a choice; it is action. The more you give, of your own free will, the more you receive. Love of one’s universe converts to the most powerful actions one can make: laying down a life for the sake of something bigger.

Why would you live unless you are gracing the universe with your presence? Why would you do something that on some level you do not love?

When we give love, we cannot fail.



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