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O great and powerful mystery above our reality, guide my thoughts to have sustainable wit.

Today I ask a simple question: Why is it helpful to consider who you were born as?

We become where we are. You are human because of where you are. The culture and memories you have are because of where you physically are.

Considering who you are helps you realize the good things around you. Often we fear loving. It is scary to express love, because what if we lose it? Love can be overwhelming.

A while back I had an image form of “thoughtwaves”, the primeval creators of ideas. They bounced off each other, creating high-dimensional patterns that gave direct perception of the higher truths embedded in them. It was overwhelming, like flying down a roller coaster. Perhaps that’s what it’s like to be a god.

There’s a story from a book called A.I.s that talks about this “web of programming” idea. In the story a woman’s brain is edited and she becomes a superpowerful being through the ability to control her thoughts. I feel that is what automatic imagination is.

The mind might not have a top or bottom, but rather interacting levels up and down and sideways, all playing off each other at once. If the mind is a loop without a top or bottom, then automatic imagination is a strange loop manipulator. Part of you will want cake, and part will say you shouldn’t have it. These parts interact in dynamic waves.

Thoughts seem to “bubble” into conscious awareness. This bubbling implies that there is a top, a global awareness. However, while we can be aware of the globe of the Earth at once, it is not the top. It is the complex interactions of the local people on the ground that determine the future. We can imagine that the brain’s global awareness is made up of local parts that are unconscious and interacting.

Sometimes we get caught up in our stories of what we feel, believing it’s inherently true. You have an image in your mind of who you are. However, it’s important to realize the illusion of the self. We are not things, we are ideas. It is important to consider who you were born as because ideas make more sense in the context of their history. Awareness of the illusion of self gives us the flexibility to grow beyond our current limitations. Our true nature is patterns of sensations rather than identifiable selves.

This is a beautiful thing. It’s so freeing. When we understand our nature as patterns rather than objects we are liberated to cut apart the pattern and see what’s inside, without fear.

This world is an illusion of the senses. Our senses are neurons that feel the world. These sensations then play into the brain. The brain builds up a high-level pattern that we look at the world with. This view of the world is built like a snowball rolling down a hill and collecting sensations. This snowball is the identity. It has become a world in-and-of-itself. We created it through our observation of reality.

As David Foster Wallace put it, “A language is both a map of the world and its own world.”

What does it mean we created a world? Like the snowball, you copied sensations from different areas of the world and brought them together under one brain. You now have new putty to play with, sensations that do not exist in the real world!

How does this help us? By seeing the situation as it is we can do more with it. By realizing we are not things, we are ideas, we are free to edit ourselves.

What does it mean to edit yourself? It means you take patterns of sensations (like love, confidence, or pleasure) and inject them into your ongoing subjective experience.

This is what automatic imagination is. Imagine a positive emotion as fully as possible. Then imagine it happening automatically, without your control. You’ll begin to overwrite your existing experience with the more suitable feeling, and you experience that as reality. AI is programming that gives you access to edit your sensations.

This sort of meta-imagining allows all sorts of mental tricks, like generating love or reducing pain. Instead of feeling trapped by whatever you currently feel, you can imagine automatic enjoyment and positivity and you begin experiencing it. It’s incredible, but it seems to work.

From the perspective of the self as an idea rather than a thing, we should be able to hack our attitudes with other ideas.

Einstein said, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

We must elevate our imaginations. We must take the imagination off the leash of being directly attached to the world. By elevating awareness we are able to love more. Love is the true cure for death, for love is peace. Everything will work if we love more.

Why do we find it so hard to love more? It could be a deep evolutionary holdover that tells us to love only while things are improving, not just for the sake of love itself. With automatic imagination we can learn to love more, now.

I feel AI is a skill. As you do it more often, you get better at it. We all imagine, but the experience of imagining something happening automatically is novel. You need to imagine not needing to attend to it consciously.

“Humans get better at what they practice.”

Automatic imagination has a specific process. Imagine something as detailed as you can, then imagine what it would feel like to be happening automatically. Practicing builds a scaffold of technique and brain patterns to make AI faster and deeper.

I’ve written some techniques in Be Happy.

I believe you conquer fear of pain by loving more. Neither physical pain nor mental suffering are inevitable. You can go to a higher mental existence and break out of suffering, because you are an idea.

To sense this truth deeply is to feel the ego and fear disappearing. There is only truth left. While you remember your ideahood, you do not feel trapped.

Identities being illusions is a very strange notion. It is the ultimate meditation.

It’s all a story in your head.

How can we use this to build up love? We must stop identifying with our bodies, and start using our minds. We can’t live fully in our minds, but we can use our mental environment to improve our physical enjoyment.

Ramp up the emotions you want.

With love,


  1. Kathy

    Everything will work if we love more is one of my favorite sentences in this blog. May we go to a higher mental existence, break out of suffering and love more!! Now

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