1. Kathy

    This is one of my favorites! We were really thinking about the same thing. Mental virus sucks the life out

  2. Travis

    Again, I like where your mind goes here. You hit a few points of my profession (clinical psychology): framing, helping others to help yourself, and some principles of CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). At one point, I think u hinted at what I think the best solution might be, which is to use the bad mood as a change agent. Not necessarily to artificially change the mood by some psychological trickery, rather to accept and own the mood as an indication that you are poised for true change, and the mood will persist until you choose to make the necessary changes (even if that choice is to reliably take bipolar medications ; ) or what have you).

    Bad moods aren’t “bad” to have, as they create the scale and context to give your good moods meaning. The big question to me is: are u going to let your bad moods become a destructive or a productive agent along your path?

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