1. kath

    So you’re a programmer…? (out of the topic question xD)
    Nice session. But i was expecting to hear more like a “hypnotic-voice”(?) from it. Glad i stumbled upon your blog though. 🙂

  2. percy kachelhoffer

    Cool stuff you got here, still trying to lucid dream though but I’m keeping up the practise. Find your voice technique better than the cheesy others! Just one question, how powerful is hypnosis?

    • Thanks for the feedback!

      I think being genuine to yourself and others is the best way to have inner peace, which is why this site is called “No Lies Please”. I hope this philosophy bleeds over into the way I talk.

      I have a very liberal definition of hypnosis. If you ask two hypnosis researchers what hypnosis is you’ll get three definitions.

      I think of hypnosis as “focused imagination”. Whether you’re imagining running a race or trying to brainstorm a new product idea, it’s all hypnosis, in my opinion. That is, whenever you imagine a specific future you are making it more likely to occur. In other words, you’re increasing your suggestibility by repeating the same idea, and so are “hypnotizing” yourself to act in a way that brings it about.

      There are a bunch of scientific ideas of what hypnosis is-and-is-not, but the ultimate takeaway I think you should have is that your thoughts are very important, and you should carefully guard what goes in and what you focus on. I highly recommend Verbal Surgery: http://verbalsurgery.com/

      All this definition talk just to say that hypnosis, as focused imagination, is probably the most powerful thing you can do with your time. A focused imagination can reduce pain, encourage sleep, make exercise more enjoyable, make you forget your name, etc. There is much scientific evidence on this.

      It’s really quite amazing. The best hypnosis researchers that I think are pushing the field further are the HeadHacking.com guys. Their idea is that the phenomenon of hypnosis, as increased suggestibility, comes down to imagining that something is happening automatically.

      Send me an email if you’re interested!
      me [at] jessecummins.com

      Here’s to more lucid dreams! Keep up your dream journal, that’s the trick!

  3. Jon Jo Gill

    Hi Jesse
    Many thanks for sharing your thoughts and hard work with us mere mortals.
    Looking forward to learning form you as well as your Dad.

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