Accept Natural Will to Get Freedom from Self-Punishment

What is natural will? It is the understanding that choices are made due to the entirety of nature’s influences. It is the better counterpart to free will.

Does acceptance of natural will take away your kindness to others? Does it take away your compassion, your desire to grow, your desire to love and create?

I believe it does not.

Accept natural will. With natural will, you are able to experience life more deliberately and directly, rather than being stuck inside your head. Instead of analyzing the past and fretting over the future, you realize you are nature, and so you can be more present in the Now.

Realize that you are a process of nature observing itself. It is nature choosing, not a limited physical body. This allows you to make peace with the past and accept what the future brings.

Watch your body act and your mind run, instead of living inside your head. You can let go of who you think you are supposed to be. Instead realize you are nature interacting with itself.

Free will causes suffering because you imagine you can fail at nature, at your potential in life.

You can make no wrong decision in life. Neither can a leaf falling from a tree.

Watch your experiences with amusement. See how your life is a natural process of the universe, ever flowing.

There is no barrier between you and the world. A change in gravity from a star exploding 10,000 light-years away can ripple out and change your experiences. You are nature, not separate from it.

You are an amazing pattern of nature.

When you accept that your choices are nature’s, you can give up self-punishment.

There is mental suffering when you believe you’ve chosen incorrectly. When you realize you are nature, you can let yourself be in nature. You are experiences of nature, and you cannot defy nature.

To have inner peace, dispense with the idea that you are separate from nature.

Accept that your mind is a natural process and you allow yourself freedom from self-punishment.

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