Fatalism Is Mistaken

If people don’t believe they are in control of their future, they are operating according to the notion of fatalism.

Fatalism (ironically containing “fatal”) is said to increase a person’s destructive behavior and make them lose the will to live.

Let’s use this definition: “the belief of a person that they are powerless to change the future, no matter what they do.”

It seems that fatalism is mistaken. The future’s unfolding needs you to act. Your mind has to go through the process of thinking.

If your mind is a physical process of the brain, then your mind cannot run faster than your brain. If your brain runs on the physics of nature, then your brain cannot run faster than nature unfolds.

What does this imply? Well, just as a leaf must fall through the air before it hits the ground, your mind must think before it decides. Said another way, the planets must move through space to complete revolutions around the Sun. So brains must think before learning. The process of thinking requires time.

If thinking comes from by physical cooperating parts, then thinking most definitely is changing the future. Your thoughts are changing the future!

A molecule changing from one shape to another changes the future. Your brain changing also changes the future.

Here’s another angle.

A ball hitting a tree and causing a leaf to fall is changing the future. If the ball wasn’t thrown, the leaf wouldn’t have fallen.

If a photon of light hits your eye and causes a neuron to fire, the photon is changing the future.

Suppose that many pieces of the brain, neurons, fire a certain way and cause self-awareness. These neurons changed the future. Now, this self-awareness sees a safe way to cross the street and walks across. This self-awareness is changing the future.

If the self-awareness wasn’t there, the future would be different and so the self-awareness has definitely changed the future.

All these events are indeed changing the future.

The future comes from all the thinking you do in the present. If your thinking changes the future, then fatalism doesn’t make sense.

A planet doesn’t jump around a star and a leaf doesn’t jump to the ground. They pass through time, and they are changing the future during this time. You are changing the future as you enjoy life.

Thoughts are ideas created by the brain. The brain is made from cooperating pieces. If the pieces were different, then the future is different. So in a very real sense, thoughts are physically changing the future.

Fatalism, the idea that we aren’t changing the future, is mistaken.

We have natural will, where nature is expressing choices through us. We, as forces-of-nature, are changing the future.

If you want to enjoy life more, you can dissolve your ego into nature. You can watch nature change the future through your body and mind.

A leaf cannot land in the wrong spot.

You cannot make a wrong choice.

Nature is expressing choice through you, and nature can only do right to itself.

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