A Tendency for Diversity of Life

Evolution does not mean progress, or even a growth in complexity. I totally agree with this statement. There is one thing that does seem to happen, sort of. The evolutionary biologist Stephen Jay Gould proposes that while neither progress nor complexity are inherently selected, there does seem to be a tendency for an increase in … [Read more…]

Cooperation Makes Us Advance

The main impetus that has made us advance is competition. Without war or the need for oneupmanship perhaps the human race would have remained stagnant. Hmmm. Do you think creatures become more complex because they compete, or because they cooperate? For instance, it’s believed that mitochondria, the powerhouses in animal (and other advanced life) cells, … [Read more…]

Humanity in a Game

Are we part of a game?
 The cool question is, if we are players in a game, isn’t the creator of the game also part of the game? If nature is one thing, then a creator that creates a game, and the players in the game, are both part of nature! We are tied to … [Read more…]

God Still Has Things To Do

Even when you are a god there are things to do. As a god, you might make your body be instantly fit and lift a million pounds and leap tall buildings. Still, it takes time to read every book ever written or discover higher and higher mathematics. If numbers are infinite, and numbers can represent … [Read more…]

A Better Term for Connected Minds

When we connect brains together, we get a smarter being. The most common term for this being is “hivemind”. I think it’s very off-putting. It implies that we are drones, unable to think for ourselves, just being subject to the whims of the hive. Rather, we should see a connected mind as something more empathic … [Read more…]