Natural Will Helps Thinking

Natural will is the idea that your mind comes from nature, and nature only makes the right choice.

Today, a question about it.

The question is simple but important.

Does acceptance of natural will reduce critical thinking?

Are we more impulsive when we believe nature is guiding us? Do we think less when we trust that our choices are nature’s?

Let’s understand we are as careful as nature needs us to be. Impulse control isn’t what keeps us from jumping off cliffs. We want to stay alive because we’re happier that way, because of our genetics and culture and experiences.

Perhaps some impulsivity might increase our happiness. It might help us feel freer in life.

Nature creates us like finely-tuned instruments. We are expressions of nature.

Does accepting natural will reduce critical thinking? It’s unlikely.

Critical thinking is beneficial on the African plains. It’s also beneficial in the city center.

There are evolutionary reasons for critical thinking. The deeper you think, the more uses you can find for a tool. More uses means better living, which means more babies.

Critical thinking is very useful. Nature supports it.

Understanding natural will increases effective thinking. If you’re too self-conscious, it’s hard to discover new ideas. Doubt kills creativity. By realizing you are nature, you gain confidence.

Nature only does what’s right. Allow yourself to be fluid and effective.

Your thoughts come from nature, not just from one human brain. Understanding this dissolves fear of failure. When fear is gone, creativity prospers.

Natural will does not imply all expectations will be fulfilled.

Natural will implies that your life is like a wave that only moves through the ocean in the right way.

By necessity, the wave lives up to its potential. And so do you. This is simply how nature is.

Success and failure are human ideas. Nature is one interwoven fabric. Failure does not actually exist in nature. Nature only makes the right choice.

Expecting a certain future creates a box. If this box is not filled, mental anguish can occur.

Dissolve the box. Accept what nature reveals. See goals as directions, not finish-lines.

Understanding natural will strengthens resourcefulness and creativity, because it makes you feel freer. This broadens your imagination.

With a broad imagination, it’s easy to see how life is connected. How people see themselves as separate from others is call an ego.

By accepting you come from all of nature, your ego dissolves. If you are not separate from others, then greed is lessened, so compassion flows freely.

You are an expression of nature. As nature, you succeed at what needs to be done. You are nature and nature cannot fail.

The box of expectations dissolves when you understand natural will because you are nature. This allows you to embrace what comes.

Natural will leads to a simplicity of purpose: do what gives you joy.

You are nature. When you desire joy, nature desires joy.

This is a merging of the philosophies of the East and the West. The East says to detach from desires. The West says to pursue success. The East’s is contrary to genetics. The West’s is never completed.

Accept nature is one. Free yourself from ego and doubt. Enjoy both the fruit of action and the fluidity of an expectation-free life.

With natural will, life becomes more fulfilling, more effortless. There is more lightheartedness and compassion.

As an expression of nature, you can only do what’s right.

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