Libertarianism’s Nail in the Coffin

All a priori axioms are just like all axioms in math: arbitrary but assumed to be true, from which bigger systems can be crafted. The nail in the coffin for me against libertarian philosophy was the deep realization that individual-human-body free will does not exist. Humans are not separate from the rest of nature, and … [Read more…]

My New Fossil Case

My new fossil case. Clockwise: USA quarter (~44 years ago) Fossilized plant (~450 million years ago) Triceratops fossil (~67mya) Meteorite from the asteroid belt (~4500mya) Megalodon shark tooth, biggest sea predator ever (~8mya) Brachiopod fossil (~400mya) Man-made 2 ounce copper sphere (~5 years ago) Trilobite fossil (~500mya) Fossilized ancient turtle bone (~200mya) Fossilized Knightia eocaena … [Read more…]