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  1. Travis

    As one who places some considerable intellectual stock into the tech singularity happening within pur lifetime, I think you’re sidestepping a major point. True, the future is largely unpredictable (if u suppose that “the future” is a real thing anyway), but my understanding of the singularity is that it is impossible for us to even “imagine” what the future might or could be, once “artificial” general intelligence begins in earnest. Within moments of AGI rewriting it’s own code, it will exponentially outpace “natural” human intelligence; making us as dumb as chimps r to us, then almost instantly making us as dumb as worms by comparison.

    2 things humans need to do (at least): 1) program AGI to care about human well being 2) we need to become one with our tech, i.e. become cyborgs and whatever comes next.

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