Less Clutter, More Happiness

A smaller living space means more room for helping others, which is what actually brings happiness.

My friend wrote a blog post with great, meaningful quotes:

“The more we have, the more we need. We become trapped.”

“I see the value of living in a small place where we are constantly reminded to live simply. I like living somewhere that requires little upkeep. This gives us more opportunities to care for people rather then maintaining stuff.”

I also live in a small space, and I think she’s pointed out beautiful concepts!

My New Year’s Resolution a couple years ago was to become unattached to physical things.

When I traveled to California I saw how much I really need to live happily: little more than a backpack’s worth.

Clothes, a notebook, washing supplies, a phone. That’s basically it, and so much of the world lives without even that.

You can get to used to more than you think you can, even when you take this into account.

Material things are scientifically shown not to increase happiness, so choose to step back.

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  1. Kathy

    Hey J. Thanx for eating with me at Orenes. Thank you for all talk about it and explain to me it helps love you mom

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