Tesla’s Faults

Thoughts on Tesla after reading Prodigal Genius: The Life of Nikola Tesla.

He wasn’t one that cared to understand human nature. He would do things that would hurt his overall progress because he didn’t want to do the mundane work of getting people excited and producing inventions FOR them, rather than just unprofitable discoveries AT them.

He wouldn’t write down how something worked until he patented it (preferring to use his visualization and memory), and he wouldn’t patent until he had tested it, which, without funds, was not possible.

He saw the forest for the trees and could not adapt himself to the situation he was in.

Sadly, he seems to have gone crazy at the end, foolishly sticking to old ideas even when new ones fit the data better. He thought Einstein’s ideas were wrong, that there existed an ether and that atoms were not nuclei surrounded by electrons but billiard balls like he had learned in the 1880’s. He developed some kooky ideas. Some about pigeons.


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