Azalea Round Table – Episode 1 – August 23rd, 2014

I am proud to present episode 1 of Azalea Round Table, where Tj and I have a freewheeling discussion of interesting topics, from overpopulation and infinite resources to robots taking over our jobs and human evolution.

I’m sure you will be engaged!


Azalea Round Table

Episode 1
August 23rd, 2014
with Jesse Cummins and Tj Hasan
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[00:00] intro
[00:10] comedian offers to pay for Westboro Church members to go to Iraq
[01:18] Jesse’s libertarian story about protesting
[04:53] use science and novel microgovernments to see what works best
[05:40] on slavery
[07:21] we shouldn’t burn rocket fuel to send humans to Mars; we should invest in brain research.
[07:39] overpopulation and infinite resources
[08:45] infinite computing and the web
[09:15] transitions between technologies. companies that embrace new technologies can compete better.
[11:30] on robots taking over jobs. youtube video: Humans Need Not Apply
[14:17] humans are technology
[17:05] people don’t really die because time travel is always happening. and on uploading the brain.
[19:32] the sensation of separation, ego, is illusion, and there’s an evolutionary reason for the sensation.
[21:45] on natural will being better than free will, and on geography affecting who you are.
[23:41] on nonduality and both-and, where both positions are true in some sense.
[27:45] more on humans as technology
[35:03] on human history and evolution
[36:46] on human cultures separating
[38:38] on less and less wars, violence, death, infant mortality, and better access to clean water and food. we’re getting richer and richer and having better and better lives.
[39:59] on media reporting only on bad things, police being corrupt and militarized, and on attaching cameras to cops.
[42:33] don’t watch popular news. it’s bad for your brain. it only reports on bad things and is based on a fear mentality.
[43:15] outro
[43:30] fin

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  1. Kathy

    Watched Humans need not apply… I think we need some robo cops. No need for racist problems! Good idea with the round table discussions

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