on using mind tech, longgaming, and asking questions

so, if we take for granted the possibleness of this process of hacking mind, of finessing awareness to desired ends, where are we left? what is the end game?

in truth ultimately it seems to boil down to replicating the memetic structures which are using mind tech, which is bluntly true of most things, perhaps, so can it be specified, reified?

I guess the main thing about using mind tech with my friend was his desire to experience, while also not wanting to hurt my feelings if he wasn’t experiencing

which indicates two things, perhaps:

1) there are always better ways to set up the situation so that it is more likely to be effective finessing

2) there can be a helpful distinction made between using mind tech for use, and using mind tech for overt research

all of it is research, of course; always seeking to understand the patterns (the abstract math) underneath the observed behavior can allow for more effective responses

nonetheless, talking directly with the person, asking them what they think, what they want out of the whole situation, this can greatly increase “success”, as well as success in learning how best to use mind tech in the longgame

for example, when I was at the event, before the event started, somehow we got on the topic of math, specifically of seeing in higher dimensions (4+ spacial dimensions, like tesseracts)

I volleyed for always being able to visualize continually in higher and higher dimensions, but realized later that the appropriate response, when playing the longgame, is to ask them why they believe what they believe

as my friend’s wife put it, try and understand their internal logic

asking questions seems so simple, but is so powerful, because it is putting them on the high-ground

it’s listening to understand, rather than listening to reply

now, if someone directly asks you a question, then yes, you listen to reply, but you also want to understand where they’re coming from, so you both can have a productive conversation

and so that comes back to using mind tech, because we’re longgamers, playing the longgame, thinking in terms of hundreds of years, not decades, like shortgamers

it’s a whole different outlook, perhaps not fundamentally, but to the outside world it is very unusual, perhaps because of the recent evolution from Animal (or more abstractly, and more fairly, Plant) to Human

the biology is much less in charge

i.e., there is a shift of focus from the biological ape’s desires to the mathematical awareness’s desires

wrt (with regard to) replicating

there is a shift toward thinking of yourself as the broader environment, rather than the physical ape

and the broader environment can’t die, regardless of the appearance of the degradation of the body of the physical ape

the giving up of old models of life can lead to greater happiness

and this change from shortgaming to longgaming is much more interesting, I think

there is an idea of “finite and infinite games”

the idea being that finite games are played to win, and infinite games are played to keep the game going

it’s a little simplistic, perhaps, for no matter what there are still discrete entities that are either replicating (“winning”) or not, perhaps

the idea of longgaming, one big one, is that planning out your life far enough actually collapses it back onto the Now

look further and further out, how the ripple effects of your ripple effects affect the ripples of the universe’s progression, and it brings the focus back to the Now, where it could be said that true liberation from suffering (internal conflict) lies

(I don’t have a “Now” tattoo just cuz)

another big aspect of longgaming is that “seek first to understand” model, for, if we’re talking centuries, not decades, it can be wise to consider why things are happening the way they are, why people think the specific things they do, rather than ‘arguing’ with them about it

and that’s kinda something I learned when using mind tech with my friend

or rather, remembered when I was considering what happened, afterward

I didn’t exactly set up what was happening, what the goal was, what the idea was

just kinda went into a handstick, without much research or thought as to why, and what I/he wanted to get out of it

which isn’t bad or good, just is, just something to learn from

he was v v enthusiastic about the whole thing

all of mind tech, all of the ideas

it’s so complex, so interwoven

it’s a deep strange loop, meaning so interconnected that there’s really no “base”; you just kinda use bayesian probabilities the whole time to build up a model of how the world works

like a sticky ball, kind of, rolling it through life, picking up the helpful ideas and letting the less helpful fall away

such deep strange loopiness

and I talked with him about that, too, about how it seems to call back on itself


(processes which expand into other processes)

talked with him about how it seems the only real way to crack that “nut” is by immanentizing to the biological, the “does the animal want this” level

otherwise it’s an intractable strange loop, perhaps; the transcendent can’t decide on how to decide, so it just goes in circles, with no base

the only way to have that base is to immanentize, to become the Relative, rather than the Absolute of the transcendent

which is kind of funny, isn’t it, for those terms are incongruous with the immediately previously stated

the transcendent is relative to itself, with no base; the immanent is absolute to itself

the transcendent without the immanent is pointless; the immanent without the transcendent is powerless

as it were

and the strange loopiness is so deep, that when my dad asked how long it would take me to explain these ideas to a younger version of myself, I responded, “hours”.

this mind tech—and all models I’ve found helpful over the years—are very deep and rich and interwoven

one simply can’t see all the connections and interrelations and emergent properties if the very definitions lie undiscovered

a mountain may be seen, but all the mountains seen while atop it lie hidden, before ascent

that’s why I love investing in others that are curious, that are asking questions, because I can share the most recent models, without having to show all the failed paths up the mountain

saves a lot of time

so perhaps that should be the goal then, with mind tech, with everything—ask questions, rather than presuming you understand

genuinely, sincerely, ask questions

there is great honor in someone offering their curious ear; it is rare and so not wasted, when with learnèd people, at least

and they surely have useful ideas, helpful nuggets of metal and gold that you can strengthen your own models of philosophy with

so ask what they think, rather than trying to replicate your model of awareness into them

play the longgame; realize the dream is that you exist; let yourself float away and so grow from understanding their perspectives

and in doing that, your skills in life—and in using mind tech—will likely improve

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