How to Remove and Delete the Default Macros from Sublime Text on macOS

Having an intellectually pure workspace is important, because it allows for faster, higher-level thinking. It’s changing from tree to human.

Sublime Text 3 comes with default macros that can clutter the macros you actually use. Here is how to delete them.

This is the macOS version. Windows and Linux are similar.

1. Go to “/Applications/Sublime”.
2. Create a backup of “Default.sublime-package”. (One way to do this is to create a copy and rename it to “Default.sublime-package__original”).
3. Rename “Default.sublime-package” to “”.
4. Unzip it.
5. Rename the created folder to “Default”.
6. Delete the default macros from “Default”:

Add Line Before.sublime-macro
Add Line in Braces.sublime-macro
Add Line.sublime-macro
Delete Left Right.sublime-macro
Delete Line.sublime-macro
Delete to BOL.sublime-macro
Delete to EOL.sublime-macro
Delete to Hard BOL.sublime-macro
Delete to Hard EOL.sublime-macro

7. Delete “”.
8. Move the “Default” folder to “~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 3/Packages/”.

Essentially what this does is break the link to the old “Default.sublime-package”, then allow Sublime Text 3 to gain back the functionality, without the unused macros, by placing the unzipped version directly in the typical Packages folder.

If you know of a cleaner way to do this, please help accelerate life and say.

Hope this helps!

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