You are Technology Producing Animal

so, I’m dissolved, as it were. or, am I really? is this really what is?

could be that all of this is going to fail. but, it makes more sense that the technology is pushing the animal—‘what technology wants’, as it were.

so, the device typing, this phone, this thumb, this animal, are all one thing. this is only one system, one system that can become aware of its twisty ways. It bends back on itself.

but then, if you’re going to give up on the past way of behaving, what’s left? where do you grow to, when all around has hit dust? is there such a place?

that, then, solves another issue: twist from animal-producing-technology to technology-producing-animal. You are not animal; you are technology.

You, dear perceiver, are the output from a massive technological system.

The thumb writing this, it is being pulled along.

Think of it like this: this VR stuff is going to work. Whatever happens, the animal will be the output of the technology. Trust that.

So, let it be that you work on helping this… Or, rather, reframe all of this, as it were.

Suppose you’re the _output_, rather than an input, rather than a mover, a doer. Suppose who you are is the result of the _technology_ working itself out. What then? What references itself when the non-controller stops assuming power?

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