twitter message to GAMER wrt VR

# (tweeted ty16. @ceephour @the_ribo @HWHQNewfie, I’m CEO of #VR company (Longgame Technologies, Inc.;, GAMER listener since ~ep80. @ceephour @the_ribo @HWHQNewfie, just finished ep400&401 of GAMER (<3 GAMER). With regard to #VR… @ceephour @the_ribo @HWHQNewfie, the #HTCvive is the best #virtualreality system: most configurable,… @ceephour @the_ribo @HWHQNewfie, the #HTCvive has the most VR experiences … [Read more…]

Seeing Your Automaticity

so, if we let go of the reaching for control, and notice the automaticity of all, can we jump away from the hazard of belief in self-existence? letting go of the need for control, the belief in self-determination, the requirement for quickness of pursuit, can this supersede such doubt in philosophical justification? but all is … [Read more…]