Let Go of the Suffering

if we step back, then, and watch the automatic patterns run, watch how things are running, how systems are proceeding without force or effort, can we learn new things? can we learn, discover new patterns, helpful patterns, by following this method?

if you break from the past, break from all those obligations, break from the beliefs that you exist, that you are a certain person, can you heal your soul? can you heal what you are, really: the _process_ of consciousness?

if you were to let go of all that, all the pain, all the suffering, all the pressure to be anything other than what you feel right now, what would happen? would you be better? would you be freer?

say you want to jump out of a system, to jump out of a system of rules, a confinement of character, of past’s models, of past’s behaviors… how would you? how jump from self to naught? from life to simply awareness?

perhaps there’s not a way, but is that a helpful belief? does that lead to more detailed mathematics? to a higher perception of reality?

let go of all that suffering, all that stress; abandon all constriction, for just a few moments. abandon all belief in other; feel yourself as higher.


I like the opener — if we believe that life events (however we want to phrase that) are happening via force/effort, that belief narrows our view to a subset of explanations/understandings which doesn’t seem helpful.
I didn’t understand what you meant by “the _process_ of consciousness” — can you explain that?

You’re a _process_ of awareness, not a physical thing, in the same way evolution is a _process_, not a physical thing. It transcends the substrate, is independent of the substrate, in the sense that awareness can arise from a biological entity and also from a machine entity.

(this is a helpful model I’ve found)

in that paragraph, the “process of consciousness” phrase is used to temper the saying of “soul”, which some might find jarring

so in the sense of healing the soul, the process of consciousness, it’s like healing the misalignment of believing you have to be a certain way

of believing you are a physical thing, rather than an abstract process that transcends the matter substrate

okay, that (“it’s like healing the misalignment of believing you have to be a certain way”) helps, thanks!

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  1. Travis

    At this point, I have left several comments on your page, Jesse…I want you to know I was directed to your page via a common friend/acquaintance, Dan Bateman. So, know that I’m not just some weirdo that found your page in the ether at random and decided to pick at your thought processes. With that said…

    It appears as though you are exploring some tenants of Buddhism here, and modernizing them–which I am totally on board with. However, I think a Christian philosophy would be helpful to balance this out (I’m not a Christian btw). Personally, I take a Buddhist perspective toward the general world, but adopt a more Christian perspective in my specific relationships. Meaning, there is much suffering the world and people in general can give to you, if you let it/them, so taking a step back from it while maintaining an intellectual compassion can be healthy and/or healing. But, when it comes to the people whom we love dearly, suffering is the price: just as the love for humanity that Christ on the Cross represents.

    So, take care not diminish the significance of suffering as a counterweight to personal love: it gives love greater meaning and scale. The pursuit to eliminate suffering is a noble one, but should still be sought in moderation, lest you live life with no love or passion for anything or anyone. You may strive for a mathematically exacting life, but don’t forget the value of “art” to the soul…and what is art if not beauty borne of suffering?

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