Augmenting Information

If you let go of the idea of using a typical scheme, a typical strat for encoding sounds and information,, where are you left?

Can you understand the world more effectively?

Can you get more done with the same amount of effort?

If you want to understand mind and how it functions, is there a way to _remember_ how to finesse it?

Obviously there are many, many augmenters that aid.

Is there perhaps a meta-strat, a way to understand how to finesse the very _use_ of augmenters?

If there is a way to change how reality is perceived, how Nature is perceived, the very subjective aspect of being a collection of memories (although this is also detectable and understandable from outside finessers, observers),, how might it work?

There can be felt many things when transcending the ego and experiencing nonduality; it is not a detection to be taken lightly, at all.

When letting go of that belief in a separate self there can come both immense peace and immense wisdom, for there can perhaps exist an archaic prevalence to have as an (at least implicit) axiom an assumption of separateness,, an archaic revulsion of nonduality (where mind is body is all of Nature, and so Nature is mind).

If there _is_ a deep insight into the nature of being, of being mind,, then perhaps one could be a recognition of mind calculations being performed outside of biological forms, outside of any particular forms,, even be they technological.

What does this allow mind to do: a recognition of thought being located not merely within one location, one locale?

Can there be feats from this knowledge?

Can there be more peace?

Is there more joy?

Are there more fun and interesting experiences from which to reap memories?

A typical separation of subject and object _can_ benefit; it persists too long though, perhaps.

Is there a practice that can more effectively induce this augmenter of nonduality?

Does it truly give strength, give help?

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