On Mind and Awareness

If the mind and awareness are patterns that can be understood and finessed, then what is creating the layers that preclude easier finessing?

There are points of view that can give rise to higher-order thoughts (such as awareness of awareness).

What can be done about situations that are painful to the helpful replicating systems?

One way to think of the world is as patterns that are all trying to replicate, trying to propagate into the future.

Given a broad enough system, with enough interacting chains of perception and response, whole organizations of knowledge and action can emerge, perhaps.

Given a perspective of letting go of old methods, there could perhaps be a tendency to not pay enough attention to the broader system, the underlying patterns of action, given a decrease in incentive.

To ramble on “mind and awareness”, perhaps what could be considered is the nature of awareness as transcendent beyond mind.

What about awareness is more fundamental than mind?

What is “awareness”?

What is “mind”?

Such are deep questions that are not simply going to go away.

Models with more precise definitions, more precise foundations, are likely helpful.

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