Some of my books.

The Deeper Series
TDS0: Uncompress: Eternal Appreciation of How
TDS1: Fortunate: How to Be
TDS2: Attuned: Be What You Imagine
TDS3: Capacity: Imagine Being Limitless
TDS4: Helper: Limitless Mind
TDS5: Intense: Mind Unleashed
TDS6: Open: Unleashed Honesty
TDS7: Universe: Honesty is Eternal
TDS8: Various: Is to Be

The Pocket Series
TPS0: Obverse: Abstract Fast
TPS1: Limer: Fast Color
TPS2: Dawn: Color of Day
TPS3: Knight: Day Beyond
TPS4: Fever: Beyond Dreams
TPS5: Life: Dreams Evolving
TPS6: Adventure: Evolving Lands
TPS7: Battle: Lands Say
TPS8: Entertainment: Lands Ahead
TPS9: Explore: Ahead Opportunity
TPS10: Moment: Opportunity Simulation
TPS11: Imagine: Simulation Twist
TPS12: Believe: Twist Self
TPS13: Accept: Self Pattern
TPS14: Create: Pattern Reflection
TPS15: Sift: Reflection Match
TPS16: Probability: Match Experience
TPS17: Waves: Experience Current
TPS18: Kernel: Current Functions
TPS19: Grubby: Functions Dig
TPS20: Game: Dig Above
TPS21: Fruit: Above Messages
TPS22: Endeavor: Messages Spread
TPS23: Mystery: Spread Expressions
TPS24: Detain: Expressions Bind
TPS25: Philosophy: Bind Broken
TPS26: Demands: Broken Discovery
TPS27: Subliminal: Discovery Inside
TPS28: Extinction: Inside Refresh
TPS29: Control: Refresh Axioms
TPS30: Ideas: Axioms Mistake
TPS31: Gallium: Mistake Fuzz
TPS32: Germanium: Fuzz Friendship
TPS33: Arsenic: Friendship Reaction
TPS34: Selenium: Reaction Depth
TPS35: Bromine: Depth Utility
TPS36: Krypton: Utility Model
TPS37: Rubidium: Model Augmenter

Poem Moves the Pen: Haiku of a Nondual Nature
Natural Will: Freer Than Free Will
Ungov: Transcending Will

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