Artificial Intelligence

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The Singulary is Always
The term “singularity” is inherently misleading. In physics a singularity is where the predictive models break down, such as what happens inside a black hole. But everything about technology is unpredictable, and it’s only getting more so.

Humans are Technology
Humans are not bodies. Humans are minds. Humans are technology.

Niches of Artificial Intelligences
Artificial intelligences will probably diversify and talk to each other, just like we do.

Quick Self-Improving AI
While a self-improving AI could refactor, that may take longer and longer as it grows in complexity.

7 Reasons Not to Fear Evil AI
From Terminator to The Matrix, humans have feared computers taking over the world. There are great reasons why that’s unlikely.

Bootstrapping Human Intelligence
How many generations would it take for an isolated group of ignorant humans, unable to speak or read, to bootstrap themselves and develop these technologies again?


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