Education – Solution and Problem

General ignorance, sloth, and widespread belief in the necessity of government, stem not from western philosophy, but from an inherently corrupt education system.

Mull this over for a moment: Government educating the masses.

The monopoly on legitimatized force, teaching the adults of tomorrow how and what to think. Disturbing.

Education should be a liberation of the inconsistencies and falsehoods in one’s mind, not just a building up of static information.

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Stop and Think

If a better system exists, why should tyranny be afflicted upon individuals?

Be it slavery or the unnecessary evil of government, it is senseless to continue a horrible system.

No Last Word

“In truth, no man knows enough about any worth-while subject to entitle him to feel that he has the last word on that subject.”
— Napoleon Hill

In order to achieve a free society, you must understand liberty.
Afterwards to merely sit on the sidelines, though, is fruitless.
To win the game you must play.

1. Find out what you don’t know.
2. Seek out the truth.
3. Collate the knowledge.
4. Share it with others.

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