Freedom Roads

In a purely voluntary society, can roads function to meet the demands of the populous? The fact is, roads really are just long stretches of property. There is nothing inherent to them that makes having government-run roads more efficient. So why do so many people have a disinclination toward roads being privately run? One issue … [Read more…]

Trade Deficits

A trade deficit occurs when imports are greater than exports. The concept relies on the erroneous idea that statistics from arbitrary political boundaries are valid. For instance, no one talks about the trade deficits between cities within a country, or between two households. “If U.S. imports are greater than exports, they must be paid for … [Read more…]

Eating Gold

In the event of a worldwide economic collapse, how useful are precious metals as money? For instance, there is an often made criticism against gold: in the event of Armageddon, it is better to hold guns and food rather than gold. The problem with this argument is not the first part, where it recommends a … [Read more…]

Four Systemic Changes

There are likely four ways the governmental system can change: Buildup, Breakdown, From Within, and From Without. Buildup is the creation of a new system from scratch. Seasteading is an example. Breakdown is what can occur before buildup. It is the violent refusal to be a part of an existing system, and is often a … [Read more…]

Authority Should Be Earned

No one inherently deserves authority over another. Authority should only exist when freely earned. The current structures do not operate this way, however. If hundreds of years ago men signed a document removing your right to choose who you want to protect your property, how can that be legitimate? Government, if it is to exist, … [Read more…]

Government as an Idea

Government is not merely systematic violence, it starts as an idea. The idea is that there needs to be a central power that orders people to interact in a certain way. The end of government does not come in facing off against the individuals inhabiting it, but cultivating a new idea of liberty to supplant … [Read more…]

Free Market Money

Money is a medium of exchange for products and services. It necessarily must originally evolve from a commodity. This commodity should be easily divisible and nonperishable, such as gold or silver. Today we have a fiat money, one that is only backed by the guns of government, and not by the wants of everyday individuals. … [Read more…]

From Here To There

How do we get from here to there? Agorism, education, civil disobedience, political action; each benefits from the others. Awareness of slavery is crucial to squashing it. A problem with agorism is that most see underground markets as illegitimate and scary. Political action, while derided by agorism, can serve as a method of change, albeit … [Read more…]

Institutionalized Violence

No reasonable person wishes to plunge humanity into chaos. However, many unreasonable people wish to subjugate humanity to institutionalized violence in the form of government. The problem is not merely that they don’t understand, but that often times they will refuse to. Favoring voluntary interaction over what ultimately amounts to slavery is not absurd.

Be Reasonable

The best way to get someone to accept an idea in the long-term, is to show the reasonableness of the idea. Another way is to show the unreasonableness of all other ideas. “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”— Arthur Conan Doyle The philosophy of reasonableness precludes … [Read more…]