After Dark Discussions 2010-11-19

The first official ADD show? It’s pretty much ecstasy for your ears: After Dark Discussions 2010-11-19 Hosts: Colleen, Renegade, Tom, Jesse Edited By: Tom Notes By: Jesse Topics: Do emotions like depression exist? are there no excuses for being sad or happy? Does self-worth exist alone? sense of self-worth dependent on others’ belief? does the … [Read more…]

The Show Must Start

No Lies, Please is proud to present: Skype 2010-11-16. We laugh, we cry, we throw our arms in the air! Too bad it’s only audio. Hosts (in order of appearance): Renegade, Vargr, Tom, Chuck, Jesse, Colleen The show had a few breaks so there is a slight pause between the parts. Chat links:,9171,989987,00.html … [Read more…]