Relevance of Doubt

What is the point of doubt in ultimate knowledge? Why believe that your senses might be lying to you? I think the fundamental reason is because it shows the subjectiveness of the beliefs you hold. Here’s the thing. Each person comes to a conclusion as to what constitutes proof for them. Proof is itself arbitrary: … [Read more…]


Continually critique and refine your ideas. Seek to find any gap in your logic: tear down your own beliefs. Doubt certainties you have established within your mind.

More Defense Thoughts

There are a couple more points about free market provided defense that I have some thoughts about. What about roving gangs, how do those fit in? Gangs aren’t states because they aren’t accepted force. The term accepted is obviously subjective, but I think it can still be a useful concept, even if used loosely. It … [Read more…]

Chosen Association

If power corrupts, what is stopping a stateless society from being taken over by a state? I think there are two issues here that are important: the logistics and the fundamentals. Many have talked about the logistics and the problems of conquering millions of people that have unregulated weapons, and Iraq and Afghanistan are recent … [Read more…]