Boring School

Modern schooling is insanity. Humans are unique, why should they follow linear paths designed to produce factory workers? “Never let your schooling interfere with your education.” — Mark Twain In a world with humanity, one must either grow or else fall behind. Without a constant struggle for new thought, the mind withers. The future is … [Read more…]

Five Minutes

Here is a useful technique to overcome motivation inertia: commit to working for 5 minutes. By the end you will probably have a better grasp of the problem and will then feel empowered to continue. It’s not 5 minutes worth of work, it’s 5 minutes of work. The difference is that the point of the … [Read more…]

Life’s a Game

Slow and steady not only wins the race, it also makes less mistakes. Burnout can be a nasty effect of trying to do too much at once. Losing a desire that once made life interesting is not feasible in the long run. Jumping in with both feet can break the mystery before it has a … [Read more…]

Don’t Break the Curve

Small progress not done today may prevent the vast progress of tomorrow. Motivation comes from within. Give in to the easy and the hard becomes harder. Great action is accomplished by recognizing that the one unconquerable large is actually many simple small. The curve of progress, for instance technology, builds upon itself until it becomes … [Read more…]

Divest Belief

A most powerful mental problem is one you don’t know you have. When the circuitry to detect faulty circuitry is itself having errors, everything seems A-OK. Trusting what you believe to be the true simply because that’s the way you’ve always done it leads to a less than perfect outcome. Remove the faulty wiring from … [Read more…]


Lies undermine ideas. They enable a ceasing of fruitful discussion by injecting the toxic notion of ‘correct until proven wrong.’ An incorrect statement, even when it is not known to be false, can be a lie. Sometimes it is an error, not a deliberate subversion. Lies fed to us from birth sink so deep that … [Read more…]

Novel Thought Needs Interaction

A man, isolated from others, finds it very hard to have original thoughts, yet in the presence of others to synthesize new thoughts, finds it comparatively easy. This is not to say a man locked in a dark room cannot create novel thought, just that a baby raised in such an environment is unlikely to.