Fall Asleep Fast

Thankful pray:
1. Say out loud specific things you’re thankful for: “thank you for…”
2. Start with family members then branch out to whatever you think of.
3. When tired from speaking out loud, whisper, then say it in your head.
4. Fall asleep.



Thankful Praying

This is a way to quickly fall asleep. It tires your voice and stimulates visual associations, which rapidly causes dreaming.

Lie down, close your eyes, say out loud everything you’re thankful for: “thank you for..”

Start with each person in your close family. Say them in the same order every time. Really concentrate on a time or a hug where they really showed their love.

After you’re done with your family, say whatever random thing that pops in your head that you’re thankful for. Use only single words or first names. This helps you associate with other things more easily.

Visualize the person or thing when you say it, as detailed as you can.

For example, if you think of a specific friend named “Brook”, you imagine a specific time with them, then maybe associate to another “Brook”, or another friend you have in common.

Only say thank you for discrete, name-able things. This keeps you on track.

For example, say, “thank you for Brook, for Emerson, for Atlanta, for bikes…”

Don’t repeat. Imagining new things stimulates you and causes you to drift off to sleep.

You’ll get tired of speaking out loud, so whisper, then do it silently in your head.

Always works for me.

Try it.

And it’s good to remember what you’re thankful for.


Another helpful thing is to keep a list on your phone with all the things you’re thankful for. It’ll just keep growing.

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