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These essays on free will do not necessarily reflect my current philosophy. I keep them here to provide some insight into the evolution of the idea of natural will.

Natural will is where all of nature is expressing you so you are free to be who you are, rather than trying to fit into a little box.

The Universe Made Me Do It
People, regardless of whether they assume free will or not, are willing to contain harmful behavior.

Natural Will and Justice
Though we do not regard a hurricane as “evil”, we still try to understand it, prepare for it, and repair after it. This hurricane, this force of nature, is in the same class as thieves and thugs.

Free Will is Not Necessary
Natural will presumes the reason for our love and curiosity and passion and order is because of the people we are and the situations we grew up in. When you compare free will and natural will side by side, it turns out free will is the real oppressor.

What Natural Will Is
What is natural will, precisely? It is choices made due to the entirety of nature’s influences. It is the counterpart to free will, the idea that we can make choices outside of external influences.

Faith in Free Will
Does the belief in free will promote societally useful behavior? It might. It probably does. However, there’s a term for belief without evidence. Faith. The problem is not with faith, exactly, but with faith that increases social cohesion at the cost of individual happiness.

Free Will Causes Suffering
If you realize that you’re not responsible for how you feel then you can let go and experience life fluidly rather than being trapped in your head.

Determinism and Indeterminism are Linked
Both determinism and indeterminism are linked, each able to build the other. We need not concern ourselves with whether determinism makes us robots or indeterminism makes us dice, and instead we can enjoy the fluidity that knowing our will is natural gives us.

Natural Will is the Alternative to Free Will
Understanding natural will helps us see that the feeling of free will is detrimental. Rather than setting us free, the idea of free will imprisons us in suffering.

Free Will is Nonsensical
Cutting away the cruft of free will and especially the ideas of identity and control, we are free to more fully experience the world, as it is Now.

Accept Natural Will to Get Freedom from Self-Punishment
To have inner peace, dispense with the idea that you are in control of life, because you’re not: the universe is.

Suffering Does Not Come From Attachment to Desires
Suffering comes from resisting nature. We should to experience nature as it proceeds, rather than try to force it into a predefined box.

Throw Off Your Yoke of Identity
We blind ourselves to the simple truth of our minds being imagined ideas, which causes suffering when who we think we should be doesn’t match with what is.

The Fictitious Story of Identity
When you are tricked into believing that your identity exists in reality, you allow suffering.

Accept Control is an Illusion
Can’t we realize and accept that free will doesn’t exist and our awareness is just along for the ride as our senses move among sense-objects?

A Soul’s Death
If your mind is uploaded to a computer and your body dies, do you still exist?

Unpredictable Free Will
If our will (our desires and choices) cannot be predicted in principle, then there is something truly free about our will.

Bad Moods as Mental Viruses
Apathy does not want to die. The pattern of hopelessness fights for itself.

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