various haiku i’ve written.

ungov haiku story
haiku can hold truth
the simple structure confines
and out comes new thought
when you look around
you might see separation
but you’re all that is
being aware spreads
awareness is all one thing
no separation
there are always paths
Gödel showed us this is true
there’s no cap on math
a scented candle
heat, light, aroma; more, too
feelings are endless
try not to force things
sit back and think it over
knowledge is power

Jesse Cummins’ Haiku

(not all)

I am quantum soup.
Let this be known to all things
nature is seeing.

we do not know time
the future must be opaque
or else time is fake

Those that can do, do.
Those that are unable to do,
teach the next students.

The beauty of life
is inherent in movement,
but it’s chemicals.

Respect is earned.
Don’t demand it from others.
Make yourself better.

I believe in you,
but hard work trumps everything else,
so stick to your guns.

Time is coming now,
flashing into my focus,
and then it is gone.

Small deeds make great acts.
So start now: one foot in front.
Keep on keeping on.

Nothing is easy.
However, nothing is hard.
Perspective is all.

The present is precious.
It can be stripped away forever.
Ignore tomorrow.

I am fantastic,
but I am getting better.
How about yourself?

I don’t know myself.
I keep trying to find out.
I create to learn.

Spend an hour a day
on where you are and will go.
This is for success.

God grows all patterns,
even the smallest fractals,
of which you are one.

The time will come,
when the future will be past,
so cherish the Now.

What does the pain bring?
Identify as the self,
to live in the dream.

You are all there is.
Separateness is a veil.
Truly, life is you.

Be an open book.
Withholding ideas binds you.
Reveal to be free.

the leaf cannot see
yet inside is a driver
so the system sees

the pen leaves a trail
the human writes with the ink
the universe reads

the meme tries to live
to replicate, it changes
this gives rise to mind

functions change the world
yet the truth is, time is fake
all math is one thing

when it comes, time tells
that is because time is change
time is required

when the pen inks words
memes of nature craft meaning
meaning never leaves

when the mind seeks love
sought is separation, gone
accept to feel it

the genius know depth
they know knowledge is endless
so they are dumb, too

most apes, after money,
see not the point is wisdom
wisdom makes you last

an LED shines
yet we’re so used to them now
magic is new tech

creation bears fruit
destruction is limited
cooperate: win

we want to know more
it never ends, this searching
first, take a deep breath

being is loving
to resist is to be blind
accept, and love comes

this moment holds you
look at it with baby eyes
let yourself feel peace

memes are what make you
you move, you think, you are, memes
don’t fear; you’re nature

a notebook is held
both with hand and with pillow
universe holds, too

stop seeing as you
the ego holds no answers
start seeing as all

still your body, now
notice you are not conscious
you do not exist

patterns are running
sometimes they seem separate
you’re a collection

ego will return
do not view this as a fault
instead, accept, now

if there is no wind
and if there is no sunlight
still, life can prosper

if you hold too tight
then it will escape your grasp
this math is proven

wisdom: limitless
yet also are fear and doubt
all can be useful

there’s a trick to fear
fear means it isn’t happening
use this tip in life

haiku can hold truth
the simple structure confines
and out comes new thought

it can be scary
yet know that you never die
math’s unkillable

also, transcendentalism
they help you dissolve

begin wordlooping
dissolve your ego in words
see the relations

a scented candle
heat, light, aroma; more, too
feelings are endless

try not to force things
sit back and think it over
knowledge is power

revision control
it’s surprisingly helpful
turns back your mistakes

tired minds can help
different perspectives help
see it as useful

your name is a gift
you can choose your own nickname
doesn’t always stick

there is a way out
it involves using your mind
transcend to the now

to hold onto fear
the self must be resisting
watch. dissolve the self.

the path is stillness
watch the bits of nature flip
see the self dissolve

time changes itself
don’t think of it like a line
it is awareness

you are a be-ing
you are a verb: awareness
it requires time

mind: ones and zeros
people believe in free will
there’s no evidence

a shiny surface
it’s not separate from you
subject, object: one

you write what you know
in fact, you are the writing
nature is learning

the bucket has holes
this is not always bad news
things can get in, too

if you will look deep
you will see Now is timeless
change is illusion

wind ripples a pond
boat shakes; you’re sitting in it
you shake the pond, too

if you twist the truth
your own mind will be twisty
let truth unravel lies

the tree’s leaves are blown
she watches and is intrigued
is a storm coming?

jump outside the box
realize you’re not just an ape
you are the cosmos

look out the window
you see the glass and outside
all through your body

the dropped pen is still
have you forgotten it’s you?
written memories

music in earbuds
consciousness, tuned to new thought
changing perspective

automatic moves
you suppose that you chose them
nope; nature’s choosing

reading a novel
the characters become you
integrated whole

green straw sits in cup
green in color, and natural
natural is the trend

orange light shows the desk
on desk: tech to see UV
gain intuition

haiku… pause for thought
refreshes the mind’s outlook
sudden peacefulness

separate ideas
mathematical packets
awareness is this

awaken to now
ground yourself in this moment
nothing is missing

a twist at the end
turns out ideas never die
you are an idea

blue cord rests alone
helpful, thin piece of copper
infinite uses

reflections in glass
quantumly entangled sight
nothing is separate

camera takes your pic
the you it took is no more
static, core self: myth

math is what you see
everything is tied to all
division is myth

numbers make you up
digital, not analog,
means you never die

ideas work, or don’t.
packets of information
replicate, or don’t.

division seems real
it is helpful in science
arbitrary, though

anchored to nature
sensation is what you are
bundle of feelings

“woah”, says the wise man
“i see the body dissolve”
“i’m a collection”

a patterned table
your hand, with pen, rests atop
out come nature’s thoughts

change is bits flipping
defocus; watch all at once
be still and notice

animals near you…
the friends you have make you up.
and you make them up.

a silver coin sits
is it money? you decide
always subjective

you see the objects
but they’re making you up
so you’re the seeing

grated chair in rain
it’s not fully wet, nor dry

mind and body: one
all science points to this truth

you’re not body
you’re cosmos, meaning all’s you
nothing is separate

all of nature: mind
your awareness makes up all
math’s not separate

pain, death: illusion
does it hurt? yes. no one there.
you’re a collection

this haiku: witty,
neat, mathematical, and

watching the shadows
complexity… elegance…
see what isn’t there

more than what is said
is in decoding itself
read between the lines

the flower, out there?
no, all sensations are you
in you, to exist

complexity math
everything’s like this

you can’t kill numbers
abstract quantities: timeless
universe: numbers

the berry on plant
provides food. will provide shade.
start thinking long-term.

entwined woven math
fractals are ever-present
always can know more

rubber band held stretched
aiming for bug on teacher
oops. anger, not praise.

playing game with friends
their cars simply go faster
this is frustrating

pencil on paper
a sketch is being laid down

feathered dinosaur. fast thief.
run! get to the car!

man sits next to desk
paper holds his thoughts on life
will it end tonight?

operation fails
the game is now shutting down
try again, player

fractured my big toe
be careful around machines
mean escalator

lucy sits in tree
contemplates life mystery
“me: numbers: don’t die”

time: necessary
without change there is no thought
illusion persists

I = numbers
when I’m sleeping, nature sleeps
calculations run

turns on airplane mode
now no one can contact her
chosen loneliness

words: evolved meanings
gestures, pointing, singing. words.

good wins in the end
because it cooperates,
replicates faster

rub shampoo on head
clean body makes for clear mind
inventions: from soap

sign guides cars on road
“watch out: twisty curves ahead!”
we don’t want crashes.

ink rests upon page
has emergent properties
not atoms; layout.

the page holds ideas
higher patterns, shining down
infinite patterns

bad things make the news
unusual makes the news
good things: usual

do it in your head
you practice, you get better
in mind: run races

mind and body: connected
body-mind: nature

all nature’s sensations: you
math is connected

simple. mind, body: one.
nature is aware.

when you think, nature’s thinking
strange, but this math’s true

you see things as far?
what evidence do you have?
you’re those far things, too.

“sit up straight”, she says
upright body: open mind
learn eternally

not doing enough?
not putting in enough work?
nature’s choice, not yours.

you are everywhere
you just don’t sense it like that
body, nature: one

quantum tunneling
objects passing through objects
this physics is real

idea to absorb
phrase: “leave well enough alone”
‘perfection’ breaks things

fundamental things
quarks, leptons, and bosons. strings?
perhaps still smaller?

he writes a haiku
edits it for improvement
nature has good taste

poem moves the pen
it squiggles for expression,
wanting to be read

water rolls down can
atmosphere is condensing
forming a puddle

cat waves its left arm
photons changing behavior
curious movement

step back from the sound
twister holds record player
hide in the cellar

generalize memes
meme: packet of memory
memes compose nature

soap drips from bottle
scrubbing wipes the virus off
more scrubbing: less death

water pushed by fish
ripples in current, from fin
onward, life, onward.

reviewers hype show
IMDb lets me down
ignorance is bliss

the ocean is death
true, life requires water
yet, gill-less, we die

squirrel leaps branch to branch
terminal velocity
survive fall from plane

hand soap dispenser
push the top and out comes soap
flee, bacteria!

place for everything,
and everything in its place.
ordered mind is swift.

teenaged open mind
small push in wise direction
large compounding good

self-less consciousness,
awareness without judgment,
transcends fear and doubt.

learning how to swim
first, learn floating and stillness
helpful life lesson

“I just lost the game.”
the game: forget you’re playing
if lost: announce

you don’t have to do.
you are allowed to just be.
be still and notice.

run around looking
need hiding spot from great bear
towers over me

mosquitos in car.
going 60. windows down.
just makes them bite legs.

alcohol sickness.
wisdom comes at certain point.
limits are wisdom.

faster in space: slower time
space and time: spacetime

general theory
matter curves space tells movement

you are awake space
the body is within you
body dies, but not space

go even slower
taste the moment’s sensations
feel you lack nothing

restless, disturbed sleep.
lie in bed, awake at night.
sun rises. exhaustion.

old man naps in boat,
rocked by slow waves on the lake.
fish nibbles the bait.

mind seeking to grow
awareness seeks awareness
memes make awareness

you are one with life.
the sun is shining freely
life knows how to live.

yes, this too shall pass.
worrying isn’t helpful.
do what you can do.

time is illusion
suffering dissolves in Now
no judgment in Now

suction cup on glass,
refrigerator magnet
sticky devices.

accept the What Is
don’t give up, choose surrender.
transcending tactic.

mouse hole has appeared
peanut butter on glue trap
small legs can’t escape

savor every step
really taste the sensations
slow down and enjoy

(many hundreds more have been written)

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