Longgame Transcription System for Accents

The Longgame Transcription System for Accents (LTSA) is a system to precisely transcribe accents for spoken language using characters and sounds from English (specifically the accent of General American English (GAE)).

This exact transcription system of letters can be changed for different accents and common word pattern usage, and even completely different languages.

Certain sounds may not be in GAE; they can be learned directly from audio sources.

LTSA has optional case-sensitivity for more concise transcription. It is an updating system and the timestamp is located at the bottom of the encoding.

Transcription Examples
(Note: “English” (E), “Longgame Transcription System for Accents” (L or LTSA), “Note” (N).)

Transcription of Sounds

a = ah
2a = [a]m
3a = h[ay]
4a = [a]pple
A = {4a}
B = bh
c = [ch]ai
D = dh
e = eh
E = {3a}
g = [g]ame
G = gh
i = ee
2i = eye
3i = [i]n
I = {2i}
j = [g]enerate
J = jh
k = [c]at
K = kh
N = {3i}
o = oh
2o = b[oy]
3o = w[oo]d
O = {3o}
r = [r]un
2r = yur
R = ca[r]
s = sss
S = shh
t = [t]able
2t = [th]ee
3t = [th]ank
4t = [tr]uck
T = [th]uh ("the")
u = z[oo]
2u = uh
U = {2u}
y = [y]es
Y = {5a}
z = zzz
Z = {2r}
\ = {escape character}
' = {next syllable}
(updated ty20.

Transcription of Diacritics

-a = ā
's = ś
.t = ṭ
*y = ẏ
\ = {escape character}
!e = ə
/ = (comma indicating multiple pronunciations)
_T = T͟
--oo = {dash over two letters}
~~oo = {upcurved symbol over two letters}
(updated ty19.