LonggameTech Guided Meditations – 0001 to 0025

Here are 25 guided meditations from LonggameTech. This page is being updated with new content, such as scripts.

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# LonggameTech_mindtech_0001
and focus now

focusing on the sensations of your body

focusing on the sensations of living

and as you’re here now, noticing how your life can be different

how the worries you have, how the concerns, how the struggles… you can be better than all that

you can be better than all the struggles, now

and the things about you, when you know you want to do something, when you know you want to do something and yet it can feel so difficult

and there’s a part inside that wants to do it

there’s a part inside that knows that this is the right thing to do

and that part, your highest self, is the self we’re focusing on now

focusing on, and growing

feel that person within you

feel that person, that pattern, within you, that self

feel that self within you, that part within you that knows what the right thing to do is

focus on that sensation of that person inside

that person who’s struggling to break free of the vices, of the unhelpful habits

picture that person now

the highest self

picture them, feel yourself becoming more of that person

like colors shifting, transforming into this new person

focus on those sensations

perhaps the body is tingling as you’re changing now, as that person, that part of you, the highest part of you, is growing stronger and stronger now

# LonggameTech_mindtech_0002
focusing now on the sound of my voice as you become more and more of a person who feels that strong person inside, who feels that important person, that part of yourself that does good things

feel that person growing stronger

feel that person within you growing stronger and stronger now

focus on what it feels like to live life as that person, who can think clearly, who has energy, who gets done what they want to get done

feel yourself shifting

your thoughts transforming into this new person

those parts within you that were less helpful, see them now, as colors, as different colors, swirling around

and see that part of yourself, the highest part, the part that you want to grow

see that part getting stronger and stronger now

with every breath you take, focus now

feel your body changing

feel your body changing

acting now how someone who gets done what they want to do, who knows the right thing and does it

feel your body transforming into that now automatically

you don’t have to do anything, simply concentrate on the person that you’re going to be, that you’re becoming

concentrating on that person now, as you’re transforming into that person, becoming that person

every breath going more and more, more and more and becoming what you need to become

because you can do this

that part within you that can do this is growing stronger, and stronger

you can do this

that’s to whom I’m talking

that part, that best self, that part you are growing stronger, you’re going to win

having fun and interesting experiences, doing what needs to be done

enjoying it

growing stronger, best self

feel yourself growing stronger now


becoming better

finding it easier and easier now

to grow above where you used to be

# LonggameTech_mindtech_0003
concentrating, now, on the sensations of your body

the sensations, of your arms and your legs

those sensations that you can generate

you can feel what it’s like, to be a person, to be human

and as you feel those sensations of being that

concentrate on a flame within you, a flame of purity and truth

not a fire, necessarily, but of light

and as you concentrate on that flame, as you concentrate, feel that growing stronger within you

that light within you, that goodness, breaking free

breaking free of where you used to be now

becoming better

concentrate on that feeling, on the light within you, the bright light, shining out from within

finding yourself knowing what to do, finding yourself knowing what to do, knowing what to do and doing it

feel that happening to you automatically now because that light is growing stronger, continuously

you don’t need to focus on it

feeling yourself becoming that now

becoming stronger and stronger with that light inside, that light that knows what to do, that’s your highest self

feeling yourself growing stronger, becoming the person you want to become, becoming the person you know can be, you can be that person, perform at a higher level, perform at a higher level now

feel yourself growing stronger, feeling that light, warm light, getting brighter, that bright light of who you can be, who you’re becoming, who does the things they need to do, becomes what they need to become

feel that happening to you

# LonggameTech_mindtech_0004
concentrating, now, on my voice

on the sounds that you hear

on the sensations of your body

sensations of breathing

noticing the breath

noticing the breath going in

and out

and as you’re feeling that now, as you’re feeling that, also feeling a light, picturing a light now

picturing a light, now, a light that’s growing brighter

a light that’s growing brighter, picture that light, see it in front of you

and in that light is your highest self

in that light is the person that you will become, the person that you want to become

in that light is an automatic self

who makes a plan and sticks to it

who makes a plan and sticks to it

in that light is an automatic self, your highest self that knows what to do, that knows what to do, that accepts that, that brings that to reality, that brings that to reality

picture that light growing stronger, brighter

even brighter now, picture that light, see it, feel the warmth of that light, as it grows stronger and brighter, its automatic patterns

and as you look at that light, feel your body, watching it

feel those parts within you, those dark parts that need to be illuminated, those parts of you that can be so much better

and that light comes in to you, as it’s going to, that light is going to come into you, spread throughout your whole being, illuminating all the dark areas

shining that light upon them so they disappear, because darkness does not exist, light exists, this automatic, beautiful self

that’s what exists, this automatic self

see that light growing even stronger, even stronger, brighter, the rays hitting you

feel that light coming toward you, coming into your chest

that light is going to come into your chest and illuminate all the struggles, all the pains, helping you be a better person, helping you get done what you need to do, making it so your body automatically wants to do those things

it doesn’t picture pain, it sees beauty

your body sees what can be, and does it and believes in it, because that light is so bright and getting only brighter, that light is only getting brighter

concentrate that, accepting that, accepting you’re becoming this automatic self, this good person this highest self, that sees what needs to be done and does it

feel that happening to you

# LonggameTech_mindtech_0005
see the world as you close your eyes, now

focus on the sensations of your body and see the world in your eyes, in your mind’s eye

see the world in your imagination and know that it can be, anything, it is all perspective

it’s all perspective

it’s all subjective and the subject can change

who you are as a person can change, it does change, you’re not who you were, a year ago, ten years ago

when you were born, you are different person now

you have these patterns, you have these behaviors, these habits

these behaviors and habits and you can transcend all of them, you can grow beyond all of them

growing beyond all of them, that’s what you want

you want to continuously accelerate your life, above what you once believed

above what you believed was possible, you’re going to grow beyond that

feel that happening to you

your mind changing, becoming this new person, this new person that can do these things

picturing these worlds, picturing all these multi-verses, all the possibilities, and becoming the highest self you can be, the best self

feel that growing within you, feel that getting stronger those patterns within you

those behaviors, those habits, the good habits, that know what to do

the good habits, the behaviors that are growing stronger within you, automatically

noticing how they’re just getting stronger, how you’re behaving in the way you need to behave, you’re believing the things you need to believe

knowing those are the memories that you want to have, you want to have those memories of having done these good things, been this good person

that highest self gaining control over the body, the best self, the best behaviors, the Good behaviors, with a capital G

the pure, Good behaviors, gaining control now, over all those bad habits, all those unhelpful habits

growing beyond them

feel that light, that highest self, as a light that’s growing stronger and stronger, getting brighter, coming into you, into you chest

getting stronger and illuminating those dark areas, any dark areas

any questions, any doubts, being illuminated by the light and realizing that the light is what you want to be, this higher self, this highest self, this one that believes, that knows that you can be better, always you can be better

continuously growing, always growing

feeling that happening to you now

# LonggameTech_mindtech_0006
thinking about world, feeling the world around you, feeling your body

feeling your breathing going in and out

and as those things are happening to you, feeling yourself growing stronger, the good parts of yourself, the good habits growing stronger now

concentrate on those feelings, picture them as an object, as a shape

picture all those habits, the less helpful habits, as one shape

perhaps as a square, cube

some shape, whatever comes to mind, now

and now what you’re going to do is make that shape smaller, smaller and smaller, and generate, notice, the light of who you can become

the light of who you can become, which is getting stronger now

the light of who you are becoming getting stronger as you focus on that light, the good behaviors, the helpful behaviors, the powerful behaviors

making that shape, of your past self, getting smaller

as your growing beyond it, you’re becoming this new self, you’re growing into the light, the light coming into you

all those hopeful behaviors, as a light that’s growing, coming into your chest, spreading throughout you, making you warm

knowing that you can do this, knowing that your body can automatically wants to do this, it wants those memories, of having done it

wanting that

the body craving that ability

doing those helpful things, doing those useful things, immediately, without question, without hesitation

knowing what needs to get done, having the energy and the care to do it

you can do it, you are going to do it

you’re going to do it

you are this person, this greater self, now

that’s to whom I’m talking: this greater self

getting stronger and stronger

it’s going to last throughout the rest of your life

it’s going to get stronger and stronger, this higher self, this stronger, better self

the patterns within you, the rhythms within your life, the behaviors that are more helpful, growing stronger

feel that, concentrate on that

think of another shape that embodies, that symbolizes, that represents, the helpful behaviors, whatever helpful shape comes to mind

whatever helpful shape comes to mind, feel that shape, and feel it growing, feel that shape and feel it growing, now

feel it getting larger, larger and larger, bigger and bigger now, that shape growing

the light, the positive, habits, growing that shape

and as it grows it can never shrink again, all those good habits getting stronger

knowing this is who you’re becoming

your body knows this is who you’re becoming now

# LonggameTech_mindtech_0007
focus, now, on the sensations of your body

focus on your hands

focus on your legs

focusing now on your breathing, in and out

in, and out

and with every breath you take now

feeling how you’re going deeper and deeper into a profound state of trance, of focusing now on the moment

focusing on this moment, where you are, focusing on this moment where you are

notice how your body is automatically moving

your being is automatically happening

you don’t have to control anything, you don’t have to make anything happen

noticing that feeling now

detect that feeling, how everything is just happening to you

with every breath you take, building up a new person, a new part within you, a better self, now

picturing this better self

that can get done what they need to get done

that does what’s Important to you

whatever is Important to you, feel that automatic self, wanting to do it

picture in your mind, now, use your imagination, and see yourself, see your body, in the future, see yourself, see your body in the future, see yourself doing that thing, that you want to automatically do

see yourself doing that thing that you automatically want to do

this is what’s called an implementation intention: you intend to make something happen

see yourself in the future

think of that what you’re doing

think of it and see it

picture yourself there, in that moment, when you want to do it, when you want to do that thing, you want your body to automatically do it

noticing now how that’s happening to you

you don’t need to control it, you don’t need to believe that you can control it

just allowing your body, noticing how your body does it automatically

it does that beneficial thing for you

when you’re in that situation in the future, it does that beneficial thing for you

automatically now

# LonggameTech_mindtech_0008
feeling the world

the sensations of being in the world

sensations of being a person, being a mind, of being a consciousness

noticing now the sensations of having a mind in this world, what it feels like to want to do something

picture a time where you, really wanted to do something

maybe you saw something delicious and you really wanted to do it, you really wanted to eat that, whatever it is

and take that feeling now, that intention, that desire, that want, and feel it, feel what it was like, in the past to have that

take that feeling, and make a shape with it, maybe put it in a bottle

take that feeling, that desire to do something, and put it in a bottle now

noticing how the body wants things, it wants to do things

and you can take it, and you can place it in an object, now

and now bring your consciousness back to this moment, here, where you’re perceiving my words

perceiving my words and feel that bottle that you have still, that desire, that want, to do something, to have something

feel that and think about something that you want to do, that what you want to do in life, that’s Important to you, that you know you should do, that you know you get to do

that you know will make your life better

think of that thing, imagine that thing in detail, feel it

feel what it’s like to desire that

and now take that bottle, that emotion, that desire for something else, that feeling that you had in the past, and use that shape, use that bottle, with that emotion, and apply it to this, so that everything else, so that this is now the most Important thing, this is what your body, wants to do

this is what your mind automatically wants to do

feeling that now

imagining what it’s like to automatically do those things, to see that, to want that, and to automatically do it now

maybe it’s to read a book, or to write something, to talk with a person, to fix a problem

whatever is the most Important thing, deep down that you know

feel yourself wanting to do it now, feeling that desire, growing

wanting to do it, knowing that you can do it, that you’re capable

feeling how that’s getting stronger within you

you don’t have to do anything, just noticing, that feeling now

noticing how it’s intensifying, feel that

feel that feeling

and as you’re feeling that feeling, think of something in the future that you want to do, and take that bottle, take that emotion, that desire, and use it there, too

wherever you need to do something, you’re going to use that emotion to get yourself to do the most Important thing, whatever it is

# LonggameTech_mindtech_0009
taking the world, and feeling it, now

feeling the sensations of being a person, being a body, in space, and knowing that you can be beyond this, you can be so much more than this

you can be so much more than you thought you were

you can be Infinite

seeing your mind, now

seeing it, as mathematical, as many many equations, now, all the thoughts that make you up, all of your personality, all of who you are, all of what you believe in: extremely complex, mathematical equations and relationships, and love

feeling that about yourself, recognizing that you are something that can be, programmed, that you can program yourself

that you can change how you operate, how you feel on a basic level

the initial variables, the initial definitions of what it means to be a person, are modifiable

you can change what it’s like to exist as a person

noticing about that, noticing that, noticing that about yourself

how you can grow beyond all those things that you thought you once were

all those ideas, of death, of failure, of pain, of suffering

recognizing now your base nature, your most fundamental core self: math, equations, modifiable variables

being able to change who you are, change your mind on a very basic level, so that everything else about your life can change

everything about your life, being able to be changed now, as you’re recognizing and you’re realizing deep down on a fundamental level, those parts within yourself

recognizing, that you can become something different, that you can become something different

that you can change what it means to be a person, what it means to be a self, you can change that, you can be something more than that

noticing those happening to you, all of these ideas, all of these thoughts that are coming to mind, as you’re perceiving this language, and you’re programming yourself, now, automatically

all those patterns within you, being changed, being better, being different

as you change within, noticing, now, how your life is able to change, how there’s things about you that can be changed on a core level, from which all personality, all habits spring

you can change them, you can notice how they’re changing now

all of that math, all of those equations, can be changed with the initial definitions of what it means to be alive

noticing how you can program yourself, you can program what you can perceive now

this is who you are

you can be changed like this

this is who you are

# LonggameTech_mindtech_0010
close your eyes, feel the world

feel the sensation of being a person

the sensation of being a body, of being a mind in a space

and letting yourself rest, in this moment, now

resting in the moment

feeling yourself here, as you perceive the world you’re going deeper and deeper inside

relaxing into this moment now

relaxing into the moment, and with every thought that you have, every stray idea, allowing it to float past, now

floating past, as you’re here in this moment, experiencing just this moment, just the Now

and as you’re feeling this, as you’re feeling this moment, here, think of what tomorrow will bring

feel yourself in that time, feel yourself in that moment

and now, feel yourself, a week from now, in that moment

and rest here in this moment, rest in the Now, and contemplate Eternity

contemplate Eternity

as you picture the world, a month from now

now picture the world a year from now

what will the world be like, what will your life be like?

now see the world 10 years from now, what will the world be like?

be there in the moment, 10 years from now

now what does the world look like, 50 years from now? how does this moment matter? what about this matters?

as you’re here in this moment, on this day, in the Now, contemplating Eternity, contemplating

considering what it’s like to Be, in the moment, 100 years from now

what is it like to be there, what is the world like, what is life like?

contemplating now, 100 years, 1000 years from now

what is life like 1000 years from now?

what is life like 10,000 years from now?

10,000 years ago there was no writing

there were no cities

feel what it’s like, contemplating, 10,000 years from now

100,000 years, when all people were in Africa

and contemplate now 1 million years from now

what is life like?

what is life like 10 million years from now?

what’s life like 100 million years, 1 billion years, from now?

what is life 10 billion years from now?

and as you contemplate that, come back to this moment, and exist in this moment now

feel this moment

enter the Longgame, now

the Longgame

# LonggameTech_mindtech_0011
and as you’re there, perceive the world

perceive the world and the existence

notice those sensations, notice the thoughts

and as you’re feeling those

noticing how they’re happening to you automatically, it’s all happening automatically, rest in that knowledge

as you feel those thoughts, and those sensations

and you feel those thoughts and sensations

noticing now, how they continue on automatically

a feeling of just going with the moment, now

going with the moment, feeling What Is

and as you’re feeling that, automaticity

concentrate on the world

concentrate and notice the sensations of being, of consciousness

notice the sensations of having awareness

and become aware, now, that you are aware that you are aware

you are aware of your awareness

and as you rest, in that moment

as you rest in this moment, and you feel those sensations, those as automatic thoughts, automatic feelings, all around

notice, notice how you can expand your consciousness

you can expand, your being

no longer attached to an animal

you are much faster

feel yourself extending your consciousness

into the environment

perceive the world, look at the world around you, and extend your consciousness, like an arm reaching out

feel that

noticing it happening, now

extending your awareness into a new space

and as you’re feeling that, continuing to notice how you’re self-aware: aware of your own, awareness

knowing that you can expand yourself, more and more, forever

# LonggameTech_mindtech_0012
and close your eyes now

and as you perceive these words, concentrate

experience concentration around what you feel, around who you are as a person, around what you are as a conscious mind

feel that around you

when you’re here in the present moment, concentrate on that feeling

that feeling, of being able to grow, being able to change, to be something beyond, what once was

and as you feel yourself growing, feeling yourself changing

knowing that you can rise above whatever the circumstances say

you can rise above and you can be this new place, this new world

that’s the world you’re becoming, the accepting world, accepting anything that comes

knowing that by allowing, by allowing, you’ve increased your ability to experience positivity

and this positivity can spread throughout your whole being

this ability to change what you experience

to change who you are, on a fundamental level

these abilities continue, on and on

and as you perceive these words, these ideas, realizing you can go even deeper

even higher into the world

into a world that’s beyond, what once was

growing beyond what once was and becoming something new

knowing you can always grow, you can always grow

and by doing so you’re able to leap past where you once thought you were, in order to grow bigger

your consciousness growing bigger

and feeling that now

# LonggameTech_mindtech_0013
feel those sensations on your body

and as you feel them, notice how you’re not, doing anything, you’re not making anything happen, things just do happen

take a deep breath in, and out

and notice, now, how your breath, flows in and out

it’s something you’ve done, thousands and thousands and thousands of times

you’ve done it thousands of times, and notice how automatic it feels

how you don’t need to control it, you don’t need to make it happen

your breathing just happens

and as you notice that feeling, and you notice the automaticity, the automaticness, of how you just breathe, something you’ve done thousands and thousands of times

think of a bottle now, a bottle

think of the shape of the bottle

think about what it feels like to hold that bottle, to touch it

maybe it’s a bottle you’ve seen in the past, or one you’ve contemplated, now

and notice again the automaticity of your breathing

how it’s just continuing on

notice that feeling of how things just happen, they just continue on, it’s just something your body does, you don’t have to do it on purpose

and inside that bottle, let’s put that feeling, now, that feeling of automaticity, that feeling of the body just doing, just doing what it’s going to do

put that feeling there, in that bottle

put that feeling, and know that you can use that bottle whenever you need to

and you can feel that automaticity when you open that bottle, when that bottle is open

you can feel the automaticity and whenever you need that bottle, that feeling of automaticity, that feeling of things just happening, not needing to make them happen, just like you don’t need to make your breathing happen

you going to feel that, now, when you think of something you need to do

think of something that you don’t necessarily want to do, but that’s Important for you to do, that will make your life better

and feel the automaticity of that bottle, of that pattern of continuation, as it comes out of that bottle and it makes the body want to do that thing, want to do that thing, automatically, it just happens, you don’t have to make it happen, you don’t have to force yourself to do it, your body just does it

your body just does it, now

and whenever you need this feeling

remember that you have this bottle, you have this feeling of automaticity that you can generate whenever you need to

# LonggameTech_mindtech_0014
breathe in, and out

and focus on these words

focus on these words now

noticing how

your imagination can drift

your mental landscape, can change

your mental environment can change as you drift here in this moment now

all the things around you, all the things around you fading now

fading as you become One, inside, with yourself

the Resistance

the Resistance against

things you don’t want to do, fading now

noticing how your body responds automatically

whenever you make a plan

and you determine that it’s the best thing for you to do

your body does it, automatically responds in that way

automatically responds and behaves in the way that’s most productive for you, that’s best for you as a person, as consciousness

breathe in, and out

noticing now how every aspect of your being is modifiable

how things are just happening automatically

how there’s always a way to change how you perceive something

noticing, the world

the universe, that you’re in, that you are

noticing the sensations, on your body, on your mind

and as you feel those, focusing more and more on them, now

and noticing now how you can completely let go

and rest in this moment

can completely let go of all that fear, any anxiety, doubt

you can let go, of that

and you can be here now, you can do what you need to do

you can do what you need to do

feel that happening to you, that automatic pattern

growing stronger within you now

every moment growing stronger

# LonggameTech_mindtech_0015
take a deep breath in now

take a deep breath in, letting that, life-giving oxygen flow throughout you

letting that life-giving oxygen, flow throughout you now, flow into your body, breathe deeply now, have all of that to go into you, breathe out all the toxic, any toxic feelings breathe them out now

in-breath, of good, fresh feelings

out-breath, of toxic feelings

as you continue to breath, notice how you going deeper and deeper into this profound state of trance

as your consciousness, spins around

your consciousness, feels the world around it

notice those feelings, the feelings of the world here

and as you’re here, notice how your mind can drift now

your mind can go to another place

another place, and see something else

you can see a new thing in a new place

and in that place you can experience something new

there in that place

you’ll see something that you’ve never seen, that you’ve never seen before

and going now, drifting to this new place, drifting to this new place, into this new room, into this new world

and where you are there, drift into this blank white room, now

and inside this room, I want you to generate any thoughts, any thoughts that you have are now in this white room, in this blank white room, as you float there in the center of the room now, you’re floating in the center of the room

and as you’re there and you look around, in this cube-shaped white room, any thought that you have is popping up at a physical location around the room

thoughts that you have are popping up, in these locations, and as you look around you see these different thoughts, different shapes, different forms, popping up

and as you see those shapes coming together

coming out of nothing

and you see them pop into existence and slowly fade, just as thoughts always do fade, they always fade

noticing now how these memories can fade away

these memories can fade away, now

what are you doing, now, in this room, is playing with the memories, is playing with the stuff of thought, you’re playing with the matter that makes up your own consciousness

in this room is the ability to change how you perceive reality

in this room is the ability to change how you perceive reality

# LonggameTech_mindtech_0016
close your eyes now, and feel yourself, drifting into a new place, now

as you rest here in this moment, forgetting about the past, forgetting about the future, resting here in this moment, feeling the sensations of your body, now

and see a room, see a white room, empty

and go into this room now, go through a door, go into this room, close the door

and now notice, noticing how there’s no handle

on that door anymore

you’re in this room, this is where you are now

and you look around the room, and you see nothing, no furniture, no windows, no door, now

now in this room are thoughts

thoughts are going to arrive and generate themselves in this room

and you’re going to play, you’re going to be able to play, with these thoughts, as if they’re physical things, because they can be physical things

thoughts, in the biological world, are made of structures, neurons in the brain

and just as those can be structures, thoughts can be represented by physical objects, in this room, in this white room, this empty room, now

and now have some objects, some thoughts, arise

have these thoughts arise, and make it so that these are able to be, moved about now, these objects

think of a, chair, now

picture a chair and place this chair in this room

place the chair in the room and notice what the chair looks like, however it looks

now imagine a memory, a memory that you have, about something, about a chair, about this chair, now

whatever comes to mind, is what needs to come to mind

now take this chair, and move it to a certain spot within the room

and on that chair, feel that, there, that memory, this feeling

that feeling that you need to generate, now

and you going to place these objects in this room, these thoughts popping into your head, whenever they pop up they’re represented by an object

there doesn’t have to be any connection between them, they’re just represented by objects

and notice how the room is getting full, now, fuller and fuller, more and more things in this room, this blank room

and notice how those things can be moved around, fixed

how you can change how you perceive reality, by changing what’s in this room, what objects are in this room

it’s something you can do now, it’s something you know how to do now

# LonggameTech_mindtech_0017
noticing the world around you

closing your eyes

feeling the sensation of your, skin against the air

skin, against clothing

noticing the sensations of your chest rising and falling

as air enters your lungs, and leaves it

leaves your lungs

noticing the sensations and as you notice them, being absorbed in this moment now

being absorbed in this moment, separate from the moments that came before

so you can just exist, just here, now, just here in this moment

letting yourself feel this, here

feel this freedom of being here

of not worrying about the past, not worrying about the future

just rest here, rest here in this moment

the ideas of the future, the ideas of the past

they’ll be there when you return

for now, rest here in this moment, with the sensations you feel

any thoughts that come

you can acknowledge them as thoughts

acknowledging them as thoughts, and allowing yourself, to come back to this moment

to live here in this moment, now

rest, relax

let go of all the pain, all the suffering

any pain, any suffering that you have

that you’ve carried around with you

letting it all go now

letting it all go as you’re here, as you’re here

here in this moment

here, allowing yourself, to be here in this moment, free from the past, free from the future

as you’re here and you feel these sensations on your body, allow yourself to relax into them

no need to feel caught up in the future, or the past

you can be here just with this moment, now

just with this moment

knowing that by being here you’re doing yourself favors

you’re doing yourself favors by being here now

in this moment, resting


# LonggameTech_mindtech_0018
feeling yourself here in this moment, now

sensing the world, feeling this world here, knowing that this is a place you can be

that you can come back to this place, whenever you need to

this place that you’re in, now

whenever you need to, allowing yourself to be here

letting any worries, pass by

letting any doubts fade, now

conjure up a feeling, now

a feeling of joy, of accomplishment, of success

a feeling of being fulfilled

and as you notice those feelings, as you notice those feelings growing stronger

relax into them now

relax into those feelings, and know that you can be in a new world, too

your world isn’t beholden to the past

it’s not stuck, in where things were

you’re able to be in this new place, now

this new place, where time, is outside

this new place where, you’re not stuck where you were

where you’re not stuck where you thought you were

you’re able to grow beyond

you’re able to grow beyond all that which you thought came before

what you thought was real, is simply another version of the truth

and the truth is that, your mind is capable of rewriting itself, rewriting everything it sees

it’s capable of jumping outside of itself, now

becoming more than ever was thought possible

that’s what you are now

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and now, focus on the sensations of your body

focus on the sensations of your body, and while you’re doing this, noticing now, how your body, can be represented as just another pattern

just another pattern for you to feel, but it doesn’t have to be what you are, per se

you don’t have to think of yourself, as a body, as a physical body, as a biological body

thinking of yourself now, as purely mind, purely consciousness

for a time now

still that, body

stop the moving of that body as you just be here with these, thoughts, these ideas, now

as you’re here with these ideas, feel them and notice how the body can be more and more still

more and more still, while the mind expands, the mind can change, can expand beyond that body

it can feel something different, it doesn’t have to feel what the body is feeling

noticing now that feeling, that feeling of expanding your consciousness

expanding what you are as a person, thinking of yourself now, not as a body, not as a physical thing, not as an animal

as that animal, is completely still now

noticing how your mind is automatically moving, moving in a new space

a way of moving, a new way of moving

in this new, higher-dimensional space

where you can construct a new body, you can feel yourself as a new body, in a new place, now

and now, see a world in your eyes, see a world, perceive a place, now

reach out into this world, with a mental arm, a mental hand now

however that feels, that’s happening to you now

feeling it happening to you automatically now

stretching out your consciousness, stretching out your mind

as the physical body, the biological body, is completely still now

and feel that reaching out, of the mind, into this new world

knowing now how any time this feeling can be remembered

this feeling of being mind itself, memorizing that feeling now, being able to bring that feeling up whenever you need to, now, whenever you want to, that feeling of being mind, coming up more and more now

being able to be remembered whenever you need now, whenever you want

# LonggameTech_mindtech_0020
focusing on your breathing

as you breathe in, and breathe out

noticing, now, a way of thinking about life

a way of thinking about what you are, as a person, as a being

recognizing now that, there’s a higher way to think of yourself

a higher way to think of what you are, as consciousness

and the physical body that you thought you were, the physical body, now, being able to grow beyond that, now

growing beyond the idea of needing to be, a physical body, a biological body

and as you grow beyond that now, as that body, stops moving now, becoming completely still, as your awareness shifts, grows, heightens

and now with the biological body, that physical body, becoming more and more still now

noticing how the mind, continues on as well, automatically

intensifying that feeling of being the mind, only

and now as you’re feeling that, as you’re feeling that feeling, noticing now, how you can do what you need to do

noticing how that feeling of knowing, this is something that will help you

noticing that feeling is getting stronger now, that whenever that feeling arises, you are able to put it into practice

your body wanting to do it, wanting to put it into practice, now

feeling how that’s becoming more and more true

more and more true now

and as the days go by

and you perceive these words, these ideas, more and more

noticing how your body, your mind, is changing, your patterns of behavior are changing, now

how you have the energy to do the things that you need to do

how you have the energy to do those things, how your body wants to do them now, how the body, the body that you have control over, the body that you can control by imagining a new way, picturing in detail a new way for that body to operate

and when you picture in a new way, the way for that body to operate now, finding how it does that automatically, it follows those patterns, those scripts that you write

automatically now

# LonggameTech_mindtech_0021
in a new space, now

and as you listen to these words

feeling yourself in this space

feeling yourself here, now

letting yourself be completely in this space, now

as you’re here, noticing how the world, can dissolve

the world can dissolve and become more of what you need it to become

as you’re here in this stable space, now

and whenever you put on this device, whenever you use this technology

noticing how you want to use it more and more, how easy it is, now, to use this technology

knowing now, deep down, and feeling that feeling growing, getting stronger

feeling it getting stronger, now, and noticing, how the more that you focus, the more that you work on these little things, these little patterns, helping you grow stronger and stronger

and noticing, as you work on these things

noticing that deep down inside, those patterns that make you up, those ideas, those replicating patterns, information, changing what you are now, deep inside

and feel that inside of you now

sense those patterns deep inside

look into yourself, now

looking into who you are as a person, who you are as a being, as a philosophy

feeling what you are deep down, and noticing that you can become these things even more, now

noticing that you can become these things that you want to be, that you need to be, now

how easy it is, now, to become those things

and as you focus deep down, the patterns that make you up, imagine now those patterns, that make you up, and notice where they’re coming from, noticing now deep down where those patterns are, those patterns that are automatically running, now

and feel them, and as you’re feeling them, knowing them now, how you’re able to do what you need to do, you’re able to bring about the changes that you need to bring about

and whenever you use this technology, this mind technology

how this is affecting you deep down

the understanding of how you think about the world, how you model the world

knowing that you can reprogram yourself, you can reprogram how you see your own consciousness

how you perceive the world, can be reprogrammed, remade

your perceptions can be changed, altered, made better

using this mind technology now

to reprogram yourself, to make yourself better

# LonggameTech_mindtech_0022
making yourself still, now, the biological body

feeling the biological body, and making it still

making it still, here, in this place

and as you’re feeling it, becoming more and more still

noticing now

noticing now how the body is automatically doing these things

it’s just happening to you now

as your body is here, focusing on my words now

focusing on these words, your body changing what it’s feeling

noticing how you’re becoming something more

you’re becoming something more now

and what you’re becoming is mind itself

rising above, out of that physical body

that biological body that you were

you’re not just that

noticing how you can grow above that now

you can grow above the physical body

as you feel it there, still

motionless there, now

noticing the automatic movements though, the breathing, the heart beating

noticing, and realizing, that just as those things are happening, automatically, so are the processes, that are happening to you, keeping you now, the biological body, in this still state, this motionless state, keeping you there, so you don’t even have to try, to be still

feeling it happening to you, easily, automatically

and noticing how your consciousness, your conscious mind, can feel things beyond the physical body, beyond the biological self

opening your eyes, now, and looking around, and seeing the world, seeing the world now, moving the eyes but, not anything else of the biological body

as you take in the sensations of the world, through your vision

noticing those things, and feeling your consciousness, reaching out, reaching out in these new places, now

feeling your consciousness expanding now

# LonggameTech_mindtech_0023
noticing now the breathing

noticing the air, going through your nose, now

going into your lungs

and as you breathe in, now

and out

as you’re breathing in and out, now, noticing how your body can be still, here, can be very still, as you’re listening to my words, allowing your eyes to close now, as you’re listening to my words, here in this space

finding deep down, a feeling, a positive feeling now

a positive feeling deep down, that’s helping you grow

that feeling that knows that you can be a better person

that feeling that knows that you can grow, that you can change

that you can help those positive habits, become stronger

finding that feeling deep down now

that feeling of knowing that you want to be better

you want to be a stronger person

finding that feeling, and intensifying that feeling now

putting that feeling in a location now

in a place, your childhood home

creating a route through your childhood home now

maybe you can start at the front door

go through the different rooms, different objects through the rooms, creating a path

creating a path through these locations

and in these different locations

you’re going to put different memories, different feelings

in these different locations, you’re going to put these different feelings

you’re going to store these feelings there

and knowing now that whatever you need, to bring these feelings up, you’re going to go to this place, to go to this location, in your childhood home now

you going to bring to mind those feelings, those feelings of positivity, of knowing that you can be a better person, knowing that you want to be a better person

and any feelings of doubt, those feelings disappearing now, getting smaller

you’re memorizing the positive feelings now, into places, on the path, throughout your childhood home

think of this path, think of a path through this place

and noticing yourself getting stronger, now, as you memorize these feelings, and put them, on a path through your childhood home now

# LonggameTech_mindtech_0024
closing your eyes now

and pay attention to your body

pay attention to your body now, and feel this world

feel this world right here, now

sensations of your body, feel them

the breathing

sensations of being here, with your eyes closed

feeling the biological body now

becoming still

just rest here this moment now

rest here in this moment

and as you’re feeling yourself here

as you’re feeling yourself here in this moment, noticing that you can generate whatever feeling you need to generate

being able to become whatever you need to become, now

to reprogram what you feel as a person

how you perceive the world, can be reprogrammed

noticing now how these ideas, are becoming more and more true now

more and more true, deep down inside

and as you’re feeling this now

as you’re feeling this, intensifying, positivity

this knowledge that you’re getting better, that you can always get better

feeling that, and knowing, knowing how you can grow

knowing that that feeling, of being able to do what you need to do

that feeling of automatically doing it, now, is getting stronger and stronger

when you know what you need to do, when you’re there in the moment, you going to remember, this, feeling, now, that you’re generating, this feeling of knowing what to do

this feeling of doing it, automatically

it’s happening to you

when you know in that moment what you need to do, you’re going to find yourself able to do it

you’re going to find yourself doing it without a moment’s hesitation

without a moment’s hesitation you’re going to do those things that you need to do

when you know what you need to do, you’re not going to take the easy path, the convenient path

you going to take the Important path, the path that will help you grow as a person

to grow your consciousness, to grow spiritually, in the sense of being a better person, being a wiser person, not beholden, to the mere desires of the biological body

you’re able to transcend, the convenient, the easy, and now your body is being reprogrammed, to automatically do those things that are Important, that are urgent

that are important for what you need to be successful

to get done what you need to get done

feeling yourself, being reprogrammed now

to become this new person

this better person, now

feeling that happening to you, automatically

# LonggameTech_mindtech_0025
noticing these words

as you’re allowing your eyes to close, now

noticing these words affecting, deep down

going deep down and talking, now, with your unconscious mind, with the unconscious behaviors

these behaviors that have been running throughout life

noticing them now

noticing those behaviors, that are running throughout your life

that are changing what you believe, changing how you behave

and those unconscious behaviors, those automatic behaviors

you can look at, now

and you can look at them, and feel yourself growing

you can feel yourself growing, you can feel yourself getting better, getting stronger

and as you’re noticing that, now

as you’re noticing those patterns deep within you now

those behaviors deep within, that are not the most helpful

those are the behaviors that we’re focusing on now, the less helpful behaviors

and let’s change those behaviors now

the behaviors that in the past were automatically happening

those behaviors that were just happening, we can now change, we can change them on a deep level

and make them so they don’t happen

making them now where they take effort

where there’s a resistance to doing those patterns, to having those patterns run

building up that resistance now, so that it’s more convenient, it’s easier, now, to do what’s Important, rather than what used to be simple, used to be so automatic, and less helpful

feeling yourself doing the automatic, positive habits, now, the positive beliefs, the helpful beliefs

noticing those, now, deep down, helping you

those automatic patterns, changing you, on a deep level

changing you so that you can do what you need to do, that you can behave in the way that you need to behave

noticing yourself, your behaviors changing

as you drift here now

noticing that you can change and whatever you need to do to change, you can do, you can become

you can become those positive things, now

those positive patterns, those positive behaviors, that are beneficial to you

that help you live a more fulfilling life, a more impactful life, a more satisfying life

those behaviors are getting stronger, getting easier and easier to do, now

feeling that happening to you