MindtechVR uses various newly-invented mind technologies with virtual reality, to increase immersion and have powerful experiences that change your life.

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MindtechVR Exists to Spread VR
I’m not doing VR for me.
it’s to spread the technology
it’s not for money
it’s a different kind of mindset
it’s a longer game.


on using mind tech, longgaming, and asking questions
so, if we take for granted the possibleness of this process of hacking mind, of finessing awareness to desired ends, where are we left? what is the end game?


A Poetic Essay on Becoming More Aware of Your Emotions Using Mindtech
I wanted to do something different
using the mind tech I work on
basically: you don’t exist, everything can be reframed, everything is just happening, there is no physical world, and everything is evolution


on the MindtechVR event of ty16.5.7s
The MindtechVR meetup on ty16.5.7s (2016-05-07): very helpful and profitable for the MindtechVR startup, advancing the spread of virtual reality, and thus accelerating Humanity’s curing of death.
One perspective of the profit is in developing the model and confidence that longgaming is the most effective way to win.