Natural Will

Natural will is where your choices are nature expressing itself through you.
Nature is one. When you make art, all of nature wanted it.

These are different posts on the concept of natural will — the healthier counterpart to free will. Rather than being separate, you are a magnificent force of nature.

The posts are in reverse chronological order. The thinking evolves through time.

Start with Accept Natural Will to Get Freedom from Self-Punishment to get a taste of how natural will is freer than free will.


“Freer than free will is natural will: choices made due to nature‚Äôs influences.”


You are the Cosmos
You are not a being separate from the rest of the cosmos, you are the cosmos. You, my friend, are a whirlpool in a universal ocean.

Natural Will Helps Thinking
Understanding natural will strengthens resourcefulness and creativity, because it makes you feel freer. This broadens your imagination.

Free Will as a Sensation of Choice
The sensation of choice can occur, yes. It can feel like we made a wrong choice. This is the whole conclusion of LessWrong-free-will. However, it turns out the actual phenomena of choosing laziness over studying cannot be made by one brain or even one galaxy.


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