Ending Aggression

What’s the point of judging right and wrong? Does it make you happy to feel you are superior to others? The issue should not simply be about the aggression in the system. Aggression is not evil in-and-of-itself, it is made evil because of the impact it has on real people. The distinction is subtle but … [Read more…]

Denying Possibility

Some out there deny the possibility of humanity soon escaping from tyranny. They just don’t think it can happen. I don’t see the profitability in that line of thinking, not because it offers nothing of value, but because it does not seem to me to be beneficial to plunge a movement, no matter how small, … [Read more…]

Both Have and Eat the Cake

The secret to both having and eating your cake is arbitrage. Trade your current cake for a greater size cake that someone will give you in the future. You’ll still get to eat it, just not right yet. Make your wealth produce earnings for others, and you can both have and eat your cake. Figure … [Read more…]

Never Give Up

Until you draw your last breath, always understand that you have not lost the war. You can still forge ahead and make your life a success. No matter what happens as long as you can communicate you can continue to make the world a better place. Serve yourself by serving others. Be good to others … [Read more…]