Be Reasonable

The best way to get someone to accept an idea in the long-term, is to show the reasonableness of the idea.

Another way is to show the unreasonableness of all other ideas.

“Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”
— Arthur Conan Doyle

The philosophy of reasonableness precludes arrogance.

Don’t trust those that won’t admit when they are wrong.

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Monopolies Fail

A monopoly is an organization with an enforced right to produce a certain product or service.

Another company cannot compete, not because it lacks the ability in and of itself, but because it is forcibly stopped by the guns of government.

Without competition the quality of the good served has no pressure to increase.

Even the threat of competition drives innovation.

If that’s so, how could government, which economically is defined as a monopoly on violence, be beneficial?

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Education – Solution and Problem

General ignorance, sloth, and widespread belief in the necessity of government, stem not from western philosophy, but from an inherently corrupt education system.

Mull this over for a moment: Government educating the masses.

The monopoly on legitimatized force, teaching the adults of tomorrow how and what to think. Disturbing.

Education should be a liberation of the inconsistencies and falsehoods in one’s mind, not just a building up of static information.

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Stop and Think

If a better system exists, why should tyranny be afflicted upon individuals?

Be it slavery or the unnecessary evil of government, it is senseless to continue a horrible system.