Education – Solution and Problem

General ignorance, sloth, and widespread belief in the necessity of government, stem not from western philosophy, but from an inherently corrupt education system. Mull this over for a moment: Government educating the masses. The monopoly on legitimatized force, teaching the adults of tomorrow how and what to think. Disturbing. Education should be a liberation of … [Read more…]

Stop and Think

If a better system exists, why should tyranny be afflicted upon individuals? Be it slavery or the unnecessary evil of government, it is senseless to continue a horrible system.

No Last Word

“In truth, no man knows enough about any worth-while subject to entitle him to feel that he has the last word on that subject.”— Napoleon Hill In order to achieve a free society, you must understand liberty.Afterwards to merely sit on the sidelines, though, is fruitless.To win the game you must play. 1. Find out … [Read more…]