Ungov Haiku

ungov haiku


# 1
adam rises. creak.
headache and soreness. much pain.
daylight: half over.

# 2
time to get moving.
the future comes by helping.
shower is calling.

# 3
refreshed mind starts work.
his world: knowing energy.
who uses, who makes.

# 4
energy, matter;
one: E=mc^2
loss never happens

# 5
you make energy
simply by creating art
art is infinite

# 6
you use energy
when you observe others’ art
always productive

# 7
nanotech robots
more powerful than you think
all pain: optional

# 8
bad experience
it can teach more than you think
so some “bad” is good

# 9
flip a switch: new game
what will this one make you think?
designed by artist

# 10
adam watches birds
inspiration in simple
see higher patterns

# 11
record the mindstate
adam’s world: happening now
infinite future

# 12
upon button click
nanotech self-assembles
preprogrammed structure

# 13
eve: in adam’s world
their names: a coincidence
yet, math’s not random

# 14
random? perspective.
view can always be enlarged

# 15
love’s an emotion
mind, body: one; so, love: one
love: no separateness

# 16
the hospital sits
inside: cure for death’s disease
fixable pieces

# 17
hard drive disks: old school
here: solid state quantum drives

# 18
cloak that bends the light
it hides you from direct sight
made invisible

# 19
mind on computer
adam’s world: AIs are here
everyone is joined

# 20
all is connected
all minds are linked together

# 21
what’s ungoverning?
ending compulsion to steer.
there’s nothing to do.

# 22
beyond nanotech
creating universes
unlimited art

# 23
no evil AI
eternally combining,
we merge with all minds

# 24
eve wears bandana
sends a magnetic impulse
output sensations

# 25
bandana input
brain’s electrical signals
Internet upload

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