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How to Remove and Delete the Default Macros from Sublime Text 3 on Mac OS X

How to Find Free Keys for Key Bindings For Sublime Text 3

How to Create a Key Binding in Sublime Text 3 for a Macro You Wrote

Ruby, Platypus, and Gem Dependencies

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My Books I’ve Published

Poem Moves the Pen: Haiku of a Nondual Nature

My Books I’m Developing

Fortunate: How to Be

Natural Will: Freer Than Free Will

Longgame Memory Hacking: Skip Time and Expand Your Mind

Ungovernment: Remove the Compulsion to Steer

Rewrite Your Reality: How You and Nature Are One

Books I’ve Edited

Reality is Plastic: The Art of Impromptu Hypnosis

Story Tim: Adventure Land

Hypnotherapy: Methods, Techniques And Philosophies of Freddy Jacquin

Thesis I Edited

“The Role of International Entrepreneurs and Their Capabilities in Resource Deployment Process: An Empirical Study of International New Ventures in Service Business in China”